Your Complete Guide On How To Know If Your Crush Doesn’t Like You

With texting and Facebook messages, it’s really difficult to interpret what someone means when you can’t hear their tone. And it’s even worse when you’re dealing with your crush because you can never tell if they’re flirting or just being nice.

I’ve had several instances of misinterpretation. Sometimes you just don’t know if your crush likes you or not! It’s not your fault he’s good looking and smiles at you and you automatically think he likes you, right? Right.

Fortunately, I have some tips on how to tell if your crush doesn’t like you. Click through for your complete guide!

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  • itsrainingsunshine14

    There was this one boy who was a little younger than me. He was born on February 1 1991 and I was born on September 3 1990. When I first met him, he was shy. Then, we became friends. When I confessed to him that I like him, after that chat. A friend of mine and him told me that her sister read our chat. Then one day, he told me that I cannot talk to him. And then after that I think that he is avoiding me. When I am in the classroom, he wont go in there. And also he is such good friends of this one girl. and I think that he likes him. Well, he is nice and cute and friendly and prefer to hang out with girls than boys. He havent shown any of this sign. So can I consider him to like me or not?

  • Binx

    I have met a guy, he is 21, i am 26 with 2 young boys. When we met there was this massive spark and we agree’d to have fun because we were not interested in dating … 3 months later… We are still having fun, hanging out alot but he openly tells me he likes this other girl that is his age. So i cooled off the txting and told him that i wasn’t 100% happy about being another option, he got really upset and told me it had really affected him and he really likes me …. But was comfused about what he wanted ? This girl from the sounds of it doesnt have much in common with him, whereas we have the same personality ! We have been so awkward, meeting up in the same friemdship groups and obviously liking eachother but both not wanting to make a move, both so stubborn :/ thing is i don’t want anything serious, but i love being around him !? I find it all so confusing. Shall i cut all ties and move on or do i persist and be his friend untill we can both just be honest with eachother ?

  • angelina

    I hv a very strong crush on my guy-best friend. We meet every single day as we are staying in the same college campus. He is very caring and shares his every little secret with me. we are best buddies. Sometimes, I do feel that he is attracted to me but the thing is that he is so flirty with other girls and m really confused if he likes me more than a friend. Any suggestion regarding my situation???

  • Abegayle Forest

    I like my best friend. And I’m pretty sure he likes me back. There is never nothing to talk about with us. He lives on a farm and he can drive and we were driving together once and he offered me to drive! I refused, is that a sign of wussiness or was I really stupid not to accept the offer??

  • Lynseydoe

    I have this crush and I believe my either told him a hint that I like him. I see him every Saturday. He don’t go to my school and we don’t really talk, I’m a little shy, but he is super shy! My brothers girlfriend noticed him glimpsing at me. I really wish I could gain some self confidence and say hi. we have no friends in common; it’s so awkward. I thin he likes me back; but someone is gonna have to start a conversation. I’m really crazy over him. :'(

    • charmaine


  • Leeiiii

    There is this boy in school I have a crush but I don’t know if he likes me back .
    He keep calling me hot , beautiful , pretty etc. but at the same time he’s like
    I want to ride you which is annoying me . One day he texted me I should be a model and we start chatting. He asked me if I wanted to meet him and his friend with my friend. But I could come. I asked him if he can meet me tomorrow instead he replayed if I won’t be busy. Then the next day we didn’t met anyways … And he texted my friend like she is hot an he wants to ride us both and he keep talking to her about these stuff… But he never texted me saying that he wants to fuck me or shit he’s being nice but then to my friend he chats about this stuff . What does that supposed to mean?

    • Chanty

      HE LIKES U :))

    • Brianna

      :(:( he only wants you and your friend for your body’s.

  • Bordercollielover17

    There is this boy that I like, but I don’t really know if he likes me back, what should I do?

  • babygurl1235

    Idk if my crush likes me back he is all ways teasing me and were always flirting and sometimes he will flirt with my best friend to make me jelous like really. He will also send his friends to annoy me. Also a lot of people think he like me wat do I do?

  • Cc

    I like this guy and he knows I like him but I don’t know if he likes me back or if he has a girlfriend. And I don’t know what to say or do??

    • Victoria

      tell his best friend to ask him who he likes, but without him knowing that your asking for it πŸ™‚ it worked on me πŸ™‚

    • Jackie

      Don’t be shy.

  • C

    There is this boy I have a HUGE crush on and I really don’t know if he likes me back .I sit next to his friend and now and then he has been stopping by him saying lots of jokes that he knows will make me laugh. I used to sit next to him and he would always make me laugh. Now how he sits behind me how I said he always has these jokes that always make me laugh. And when I laughs he smiles at me. How do I know if he likes me, please give me advice. πŸ™‚

  • Jennifer Hamilton

    I really like this guy and at first we got on well then this girl told him loads of bad things about me we had to go somewhere with each other because of our brothers rugby when I got back about a week later he said over Facebook I was a stalker I had not done anything to suggest I was a stalker unless a girl I was with said something. it has been a year and we had to go on another rugby trip the girl did not want to come. On the trip I kept catching him looking at me and occasionally smiling, I don’t know if he likes me

  • lalala123

    Very Urgent: I really had a huge crush on this one dude but he never told me how he felt til the last day of school. He told me was that he liked me. So after that we never talked. It still feels like he kinda likes me. He avoids me when he walks past me and his friends stare at me like I did something wrong. So I really want to know what is going on because I’m feel uncomfortable with this situation.

  • Moriah

    This guy i have dated for 5-6 months keeps saying he loves m,e but he doesnt show it. So he breaks up with me and goes out with my best and then breaks up woth her for my other best briend amd it keeps goin on for 3 more time and then when i have no more bestfriends he ask me out again i really like him but i am scared i couldnt get over him before and i dont want my heart broke again. Should i date him again or should i forget that he even is real?

    • Karmasmile

      Noo!!! Don’t date him seriously. If he is such a jerk as to go through all your friends then let him be, he’s not worth it! If he would seriously love you he would never want to hurr you or break your heart. This is just my advice for you. You can get over him you are strong enough. Show him that you are a once in a lifetime girl and not someone you can play with. You gave him your love and he broke up with you. His loss. He will then see that he shouldnt have done anything he has done to you. You can do it! You go, girl!

  • Dragon master

    Thank you so much for helping me! This really funny boy at my school gives me these short looks every now and then, he spends a lot of time with me and often tries to make me burst out laughing! Is this the sign of just a Best Friends relationship or does he like me?

    • Jordyn

      I have the same problem it almost seems like mix signals I wish I new also

  • LovAnd

    Number one tip I learned, from an actual guy: If a guy likes you, he will make it happen. Sometimes, there are exceptions, such as when a guy is too scared or intimidated, he is trying to play it cool, or is in another relationship. But, if a guy is not pursuing you, he is either too immature/stupid to get his stuff together or he is not truly interested in the one and only you. If you’re unsure, and things are halfway Henry all the time, just ask him how he’s feeling. You never know unless you ask. And who knows, maybe your straightforward approach in asking him will make him pick up the pace. If he sends negative responses on all or most fronts, drop it. Don’t go after someone who clearly isn’t into you. But do call out the ones who send mixed signals. Those could have potential. Good luck ladies.

  • Sarah

    Okay so I think this guy likes me but i’m really not sure. We constantly flirt with each other all the time and several people in my class have said to me how they think he likes me. He blew off his friends to have lunch with me before and he is always the first to notice if anything is wrong with me and always tries to cheer me up straight away. Any time I catch his eye he smiles and when our eyes meet neither of us look away straight away we always hold on for as long as we can. I really want to know whether he likes me or not before I fall too hard and end up getting hurt

  • fashionista2019

    i swear that my crush likes me back, he smiles at me all the time he shares everything with me and he always tries to make me laugh. i was at school and we were waiting in line for lunch and i was talking to my friend about a party i am having in the summer time and he was standing in line in front of me and he turned around and was like what party? i told him and then asked me if he could come and he did the same thing about my birthday party. does he like me as a friend or more than a friend?

  • Kaitlin Adams

    So there’s this guy–he’s super cute and everything, and sometimes I SWEAR he’s staring at me every time he sees me! I can’t help but act so weird and girly, and giggly around him! Right now, we ‘flirt’ from afar, but I recently found out he had a girlfriend. Does this mean that maybe I’ve just made up all the ‘flirting and staring’ that’s been happening? Maybe I just imagined him staring at me, and giving me flirtatious looks…It’s possible, right? But then again, he could like me more than his girlfriend, couldn’t he? I don’t wanna break them up, or anything, so I’m going to stop flirting with him and stuff, but what’s happened here? :/ Just wondering. Thanks.

  • basschick

    i swore this guy liked me but… now i don’t think so. he talks about other girls (like how they are hot and all), never responds to my fb messages (do not have his number), and when i tried to hang with him, i think he used an excuse why he decided not to meet me. :/ oh well i guess……

    • fashionista2019

      either this dude is playing hard to get, he is a jerk, or he doesnt like you… does he know that you like like him?

  • s