Your Complete Guide On How To Know If Your Crush Doesn’t Like You

If he has super short and vague responses

If he’s not engaging in conversation with you, chances are this is a no-go. Guys who are really short with you don’t want to talk. He doesn’t want to blatantly ignore you because he doesn’t want to be rude so he’s choosing to be as uninformative as possible, hoping you’ll get the hint.

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  1. avatarChloe says:

    Hey so I need some help there’s this guy that works at the store I go to and every time I go in there he stares at me and watches me and when I see him I smile and he kinda just smiles and looks away but then when I turn back around he’s looking at me again! He’s really good looking! I added him on Facebook and messaged him saying “your the guy I smiled at” but I got no reply for a couple of days but then he messaged me back saying “I’ve only just realised who you are, sorry” so I replied back and then got no reply! I was in the store the other day with my friend (who’s a girl) and he was there so I smiled and went to pay at the self service checkout where he was, later I went back to the shop to get something else and went to the self service checkout again but this time I pressed the ‘I need assistance’ button and he came over and I said “haha sorry, thanks” and he just smiled and walked away. Later I went back into the store to get something before I went home and he was on a till so I went to that till and payed and I said “I promise I’m not stalking you haha” and he said “I’m sure your not” then I walked off and I turned around and he was looking at me! Should I say hi ? Or what should I do?

  2. avatarKayla says:

    Went to a pool party saw a guy he flirted hard core. Went to another pool party two weeks later saw him again flirted even harder. He asked for my number. Never texted me. It’s been five days.

  3. avatarbrittany marais says:

    My crush told his best friend he kind of likes me back for a long time but he never has asked me out because he doesnt know i like him back how do i get him to ask me out but not look desperate

  4. avatarMelloMelly says:

    Well ive had a crush on my friend, thing is hes like smart and im average ;-; anyways it kinda got out of control because one day my friends found out i liked him and they told him tht i liked him and ever since he talks to me less but i always make the effort to talk to him because he seems like he want to talk and when he does he tells me things :P like showing me pictures and saying things out of the blue :P
    Recently it seems like hes talking more and sometimes he seems too kind :P

    :/ i know its out of the question tht he likes me but could the tables change at some point?
    (i like someone else now :P)

  5. avatarDAISY says:


    • avatarAntonella says:

      U should just be friends and. Pretended to not like him and if u like him still he might like u

  6. avatarDAISY says:


  7. avatarGummyBear4423 says:

    Well I’m 12 and there’s this guy that I have been texting and he’s 15 and one day when we were out side together we were talking and he started touching me on my hips and I really likes him alot and he asked me if I wanted to come with him to his house so I said sure but his friend was with hm and he was 15 to and I just met this guy so I was kinda scared BC I didn’t know if they were gonna try to take me some were and do something to me that I didn’t want so when we were on our way to his house stopped and he said what’s wrong bb an do said I don’t know if I wanna go to your house with u and he was like u don’t trust me.? And I said well kinda no BC I just met you so he walked me back home and he said to his friend that what r we gonna do after we drop this little ass kid off and I was like why would u even say that and he was like BC your acting like a little kid and I was like I’m sorry and he was like what ever. And now every time when I try to talk to him he ignores me and idk what to did. I neeeeeeed advice.

    • avatarShawn says:

      You did the right thing! That was very suspicious and dangerous, most guys only want one thing if they invite you over after just meeting Since that guy was so immature, that he didn’t like the fact that you were cautious and trying to be safe, then he’s a prick ass loser. Be smart and safe, go at your own pace. No ones forcing you into a relationship, and the best ones are those who take their time getting to know each other first.

  8. avatarKaren says:

    Yeah… I already know he likes me. Everyone is talking about that. He also knows I like him.

    And gosh… Gurl chill out bro, don’t be so girly that’s just SO FREAKING ANNOYING do you hear me? Okay, I’m a tomboy dude, so don’t question why I’m acting to mega awesome. I hang out with boys. Shooooooooooooooooooooooo. Yup

  9. avatar????????? says:

    There is this guy 2 years older than me and he is my cousins (guy cousin) friend. I kinda have a crush on him and he is leaving our school this year, what do I do?

  10. avatarbutterfly3 says:

    I need help from people. This guy I know is always cheerful,outgoing. He goes to public school and I am home schooled. He has been sending me really confusing messages. When I talk to him he always looks me straight in the eyes and seems to hold onto every word I say. When my bros are talking to him and they all begin to laugh and I look in their direction to see what they are laughing at or talking about Teddy(that is what I will call the guy) looks right at me and smiles. Anytime I even happen to look in his direction. Now here is the confusing part I believe he has a girlfriend and when I chat with him on facebook he doesn’t even acknowledge me. They say that if a guy says your name it can be a clue he likes you. Anytime we greet or say goodbye we say one anothers name also. I will give the most recent. About two weeks ago I saw him(he works at our local store) and as I was coming out of my aisle he was going into the next one. I think he caught sight of me because he stepped into the aisle but leaned backwards and did like a double take. Then when I passed the aisle he turnned around almost dropping the box he was carrying and said hi waved and smiled his large beautiful genuine smile. I of course reciprocated this. Then when I went to buy I felt eyes on me so I looked up and he was staring at me but quickly averted back to his job. No facebook though: no likes, comments. I think a girlfriend not positive.

  11. avatarjustin mba says:

    a boy is often watching me where ever i go he is coming back of me . one day he wantedly pushed me and fell on me and his lips were on my lip and we rolled from the top . he said sorry to me i just smiled at him . next day onwards he started sending me letter which was full of love i really went to him and asked are you loving me ? he said yes what shall i do . i said that i love him and he kissed on my lip and i also kissed on his lips

    • avatarSydney says:

      You guys are taking it way to fast. Sure it sounds absolutely romantic but I think you should take it down a notch before you start kissing. Find some things about him first before he goes to another girl and does the same thing. Boys are not always trust worthy take step by step don’t go to fast we all know what that means.

  12. avatarGBA says:

    Hey everyone so i really need your help. So there’s this guy that i never really noticed but this summer he changed and became fitter and everything. He is one year older than me and doing a different program. The problem is that we do not have friends in common and we never really talked. I don’t know if i can call its a crush or a simple attraction. Recently I’ve been looking at him a lot and i noticed that he looks at me too. I’m not sure if he knows my name but he stares at me everyday and when our looks meet he quickly makes himself busy with something else. I want to talk to him but it would be kinda awkward and weird to go randomly say hi. So there’s this thing at our school where you buy a candy cane for someone that you appreciate . It can be anonymous or not . I decided to get him a candy cane anonymously. What is confusing me is that i don’t know if his looks are positive or negative. I mean I’m just afraid that he looks at me thinking im a weirdo or a stalker.I don’t know what to do. i would really like to talk to him not as more than a friend but at least get to know him because he seems to be really interesting.

    • avatarbutterfly3 says:

      I understand it would be awkward to go up to him( I have the same problem). What I did with this one guy was I waited till he was walking down the hall as an individual then I came up with a topic:medicine. He and I are both interested in the med field but I later found out he was not my type of guy. If you know his name but he doesn’t know yours then you could start a conversation something like this: ” Hey your ( his name)right? Great game last night / or wow cool project.then go off on to how he became interested in that topic.ex: what made you want to write about the olympics? Bring your name up somewhere or make him more curious so that he will come find you to ask you your name. I hope this helps. I am very much an introverted person so for me to do something like that makes me shake ALOT. So I need to keep moving or having something in both hands to squeeze REALLY HARD to keep from shaking and sweating.

  13. avatarPoet says:

    How do I know if this guy likes me?

  14. avatarStar says:

    Okay girls I have an issue and need your help. It all started I started developing feelings to my best guy friend. We always laugh, and sleep over at eachoter a houses. But here’s the issue he is dating my best friend. So my best friend cheated on him with this guy named Colin who is my cousin. At first I was shocked but she said that she was feeling incomplete. Once her bf heard he came to my house to cope. I has guest over and we were playing spin the bottle he played with us. The bottle spun and it was our turn to kiss I said no being a good friend and went and got snacks from the pantry he came along with me hugging my waist and said why not. I know you want too I said Ahaha whatever. We then done te unforgettable we kissed not just kissed but made out in the pantry. So it was like 30 minutes in heaven. It felt so right ! He being a gentleman didn’t want anything else but to kiss after a while we stopped I noticed what I did and I felt guilty. He said to tell her but then we would have no relationship so I reconsidered a down low relationship . It was amazing. We would go on dates all alone. He was the best boyfriend I ever had. Actually a friend with benefits. And I am starting to feel guilty lying to my bestie and all. What shall I do. I love him more than her.HE is so passionate and adorable and ugh mines ! Iove him more than anyone else in the world

  15. avatarKDlover says:

    Ok so there is this guy who has been my guy friend for like a year now And he is always hugging me and putting his arm by my waist and on the bus to a vball game he grabed the back sit ignored his best guy friend and asked me to sit with him so i did and i have head resting on the sit infront of me and he put one arm around my waist and then i lifted my head and put one arm around him and his cheeks were touching my cheeks and nose to nose we were so close to kissing but i didnt because the kid on the next sit likes me and i didnt want to hurt his feelings and wgen he got to the game i cheered for my crush and my friend got mad and he hasnt talked to ever scince

  16. avatarsarah says:

    if i like a guy and i’m not sure if he likes me back give me your thoughts he: wants random hugs, follows me and my friends around, always talks in a errr i’m so tuff voice, and just began dating one of my friends and he didn’t tell me. when i mean just started she and he started like this afternoon.

  17. avatarOlympia says:

    Ok, so there’s this guy who I think might possibly like me but I’m not sure if he’s just being nice (he’s not one of those jerks, he’s really nice to most everybody). Anyway, I started talking to him on Facebook and the conversation went pretty well and we’ve had 4 conversations on facebook after that but it’s always been me that’s started them. I’ve now left it for almost two weeks so it doesn’t look like I’m desperate but still nothing. However, when we bump into each other at school he always says hello and I’m like ‘oh hi’ but he never says it when it’s a good time to talk (usually we’re doing experiments and stuff) and I know he likes me but I’m not sure if its just as a friend or….

  18. avatarhello says:

    i hav a crush on one of my guy best friends…we chat for hours on facebook, and he always asked me who i want my bf to be, who i wanna date, etc…i thought that he was making it very obvious that he likes me (there were various other signs too), and so i asked my best friend to tell him that i like him, but he didnt know that i had asked my best friend to tell him so. then we had this really long chat and i told him that i liked him but didnt expect anything from him…now, i ve caught him staring at me in class alot of times, i really donno why. he knows that i like him, and he still didnt ignore me or stop talking to me…he also calls me for the stupidest of reasons, always tries to flirt with me, play with my hair, etc…please help me, im really confused.

  19. avatarCece says:

    OMG!! my crush used to like my sister and my friend’s (a boy) sister!!! He is a year older than me. We used to look at each other then look away. Now we talk!!!! He says hi and i smile at him aand one week ago his friend hit on me and said ” Don’t hit on her… she’s like my best friend!!!!” He looked at me and boy was I blushing!!! I cried one time because of him. lolz He said to my friend (the one who has a sister that my crush used to like) that I am CUTE. :) My sister thinks he is good looking hahaha. He is!!! All of the girls.. I mean ALL OF THEM chase after him. He is nice but my friends say that he is mean and disgusting. I think my song is I Knew You Were Trouble because he IS a troublemaker and I knew that ever since I liked him.

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