Your Complete Guide On How To Know If Your Crush Doesn’t Like You

With texting and Facebook messages, it’s really difficult to interpret what someone means when you can’t hear their tone. And it’s even worse when you’re dealing with your crush because you can never tell if they’re flirting or just being nice.

I’ve had several instances of misinterpretation. Sometimes you just don’t know if your crush likes you or not! It’s not your fault he’s good looking and smiles at you and you automatically think he likes you, right? Right.

Fortunately, I have some tips on how to tell if your crush doesn’t like you. Click through for your complete guide!

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  • Salma

    So there’s this guy a like (my crush)…he’s my bro and my cousins friend so me liking him is kind of a secret but some of my friends know…he sometimes flirts with me but sometimes teases me and argues with me..but just recently I ask him why he is sometimes a douche (texts) and he was like hey that’s just how I am bye and I was like bye