Yes, Emergency Condom Delivery Guys Are Real

Okay, so picture this: you’re about to hook up with the guy of your dreams. All of your dates, texts and late night phone calls have finally led to this very special moment. You two are in bed, naked and ready to go… candles are lit, soft music is playing… okay, I’m getting carried away. Your guy reaches for a condom and – NOOOO – he comes up empty-handed. You have two options: don’t hook up or kill the mood and run to the store.

That sounds like a scene from some kind of corny movie or music video, but actually it happens all the time. So how great would it be if instead of having to get dressed and head to the store, you could have the condoms delivered to you instead? Um, pretty freakin’ great!

Well, there’s now a service that does that. Sounds extremely awesome, right? I agree. It’s called Durex SOS (so clever) and it’s basically like pizza delivery but with a condom instead of a pizza. Once you sign up on the Durex SOS website, you can get condoms delivered to you between the hours of 4 PM and 4 AM. Even better? The person who delivers your condoms comes disguised as a pizza delivery man (or someone else), so the service is basically totally top secret – no nosy neighbors or parents will know what’s going down. The only way this could get better is if those condoms came with an actual pizza.

Ready for the bad news? Durex SOS is currently only available and happening in Dubai. So unless you live in Dubai… it’s not a thing. Whomp, whomp. But the good news is that Durex SOS is looking to expand to other countries and areas, so hopefully we’ll all be experiencing this soon.

Honestly, I think this is pretty awesome. I mean, yeah, you’ll be paying a little bit more for these condoms than you would if you just bought them at the store. But isn’t it nice to have another option if for some reason you can’t get to the store? Condoms should be available all the time and literally having them delivered to your doorstep couldn’t be more convenient. Safe sex for everyone!

Do you think Durex SOS is a good idea? Would you ever use it? What other things do you wish could get delivered to your house? Tell us in the comments.


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