7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Stress About Uneven Breasts

If you’ve ever realized, completely out of nowhere, that your boobs are different sizes, you probably got a little bit freaked out. One day you’re sitting around, not even really thinking about your boobs, and the next day you’re looking in the mirror and you see it – OMG! They’re not the same! And if this has never happened to you, sorry… you’re probably going to check ’em out right now.

But really, what’s the big deal about uneven breasts? Oh, right… it’s not a big deal at all! Uneven breasts are a part of life, as weird as that may sound, and there’s no reason to feel ashamed of them. I once knew a girl who had really uneven boobs and it was something she told everyone. No one even cared. We were all just like, “Oh yeah, that’s Stacy. Her boobs are different sizes. Whatever.”

But since we know it can be difficult to deal with these kinds of things sometimes, we put together a few reasons why having uneven boobs is nothing to stress over. Check them out:

Do you have uneven breasts? Do you know anyone who does? Would you ever consider getting plastic surgery to fix them? Tell us in the comments.


 Is it normal to have different size boobs?

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  • Lisa McGarry

    Yep, I have a B cup and a D cup. I’m now 42, and when I first noticed (was about 14), my mum found it really hard to discuss it with me, would just get awkward and embarrassed and talk about how she felt like a freak having small boobs in the 60s when my aunt had whoppers. Which is not the same thing at all. Eventually saw a surgeon and was offered free boob job. I kept crying and he was really brisk. He said should also raise the larger one as ‘Do you like it hanging down like that’? But I was young and scared of scars and that I couldn’t breast feed one day so said I wanted the minimum work. Anyway I never showed up for the op, and have had a lifetime of being embarrassed by my asymmetry. In other ways I am body confident, but it has affected all aspects of my life. I highly regret not taking free surgery when it was an option.

  • Elaine Arlanalynn Jones

    I’m upset with my uneven boobs :(:( and I’ve lost of weight I’m working in losing more it’s hard though

  • Ryder

    It is a big deal!
    I was teased.. I hate my boobs.!
    I even blame it on my boyfriend for cheating on me..
    I’m not normal… who wants to look at a B n a D cup?.
    Come on ppl suck these days… I’ve even tried to end my life.
    No one wants uneven breast and u knt say otherwise.
    People judge by looks not by personality!!

  • Alice

    I’m currently 15 (about to be 16!) and for a while now, have noticed my boobs aren’t the same size. I’m a 32DD and that’s the STRUGGLE, because my right fits perfectly into that, and I’m thinking my left is maybe a size lower, roughly a D? And the larger breast has a larger areola, which stretches down further than the other. The right sags more, while the left is a little perkier. You can’t really tell with a bra on, but I’m really scared that some boy I’m with in the distant future will find it weird 🙁 Any tips?

    • Potatoes

      I have the same thing just in a sort of b and c or somewhere around c something with the areola and I think the samething

    • Potatoes

      I have the samething but only in a sort of b and c mixture and I think the samething and my areola on my larger breast is bigger also

  • Implants don’t help

    I’m lopped sided as well. My left is way bigger than my right and I forever buy bras that allow extra padding just to make them look even. It bothered me so much I did get implants. Thinking it would be fixed, it wasn’t. The doctor said they look close enough and I just hate that phrase. I shouldn’t be stuffing my bra anymore. I’m in debt for a procedure I thought would fix my issue. I still need to stuff my right cup and still need to buy padded bras. People who say it’s not a big deal don’t have boobs and have never witnessed the frustration behind certain clothing just to make them look believable. It’s unfair and it’s somewhat comforting that I’m not alone in this. I’m glad I’m not the only one pissed about having two different cup sizes and that I’m not optimistic about it. Yay for being different, there are other ways to accomplish that though. I’m tired of moving my breasts around to fit the bra, I’m tired of having to think about it when I get dressed. It’s hard to be depressed about it. People care about this. Guys can be so shallow, surrounded by photoshop and ‘perfect’ women, everyone has expectations. It’s just not fair. I wanna look at them one day and not be brought to tears.

  • disqus_rCSnquZjVD

    My problem started wen i beggun breastfeeding 😧 but througgt out it im still breastfeeding 😊 i just hope it goes away lol ive been a whole year like this summer is coming up and im not looking foward to it i hate my boobs i hate em i just want to be in my room with my son forever😦😢😭

  • Beck

    I’ve recently lost a lot of weight, I thought this would make me more comfortable with my body.. Then I noticed that my breasts a no where near the same as one another, it’s not like a small difference either. It made it worse for me when my Fiance noticed, all I can think about now is going under the knife to get it fixed. Lost all confidence in myself right now.

  • My Super Bra

    http://www.mysuperbra.com has a solution for uneven breasts. and it only $39.95 right now!


    My left is slightly larger than my right and i agree with you completely. Worrying so much over something so irrelevant is silly. Men love boobs. END. OF. STORY. Any boob will make a man happy. And if he has something to say about your uneven breasts then maybe you shouldnt be with a man like that because he most definitely isnt perfect either, no man nor woman is perfect. We just need to live with that and quit poking at every “imperfection”.


    if your breasts are THAT uneven then you should go get them checked out and make sure you dont have anything going on. i am definitely not saying something is wrong with you or your breasts but when there is a significant difference in breast size sometimes it means something more is going on. so just to be safe, i would have a check up.

  • Ashtan

    Hey You Guys My Name Is Ashtan And I Also Deal With Uneven Breast…Till This Day I Dislike It But I Want To Tell All The Girls Whose Going Through This…Boob Work Is Not The Answer… Love Yourself For Who You Are…So What If People Look, Just Know That Your The Center Of Attention!!! I Notice Mine Growing Uneven When I Was Around 13 And Yeah I Didn’t Even Like Getting Undress And Looking In The Mirror…But Am 19 Now….Either You Love Yourself For Who You Are Or Have Someone Love You For Who Your Not…Breast Surgery Will Fix The Size Difference But Not Your Self Esteem Ladies

  • Abby

    My right breast has always been bigger than my left. The right is a c and the left is a small b. I usually wear a 36c, but it’s so hard to find a bra that fits well. I used to hate myself for it, but I’ve gotten better about it. I’m 16 now but I know they’ll never even out because you could tell the size difference since the day I was born. Obviously I didn’t have developed breasts when I was little, but it was quite noticeable that my left side of the chest was slightly sunken in. The doctor said I was missing a muscle on the left side of my chest, so I think it’s more that just asymmetrical breasts, but maybe some kind of medical condition or birth defect? I’ve never really gotten a good answer on it.

    • DGIRL

      That big of a difference could mean something is wrong. Read up a little on significant breast size differences and see what you should do from there but i definitely have read up on this and that big of a size difference could mean a few different (not good) things.

  • Seaji

    Mine are barely a c and a d so very different. It has always been a struggle to find bras and bathing suits and sexy nighties that I could wear and feel confident in. I have considered both augmentation and reduction. Reduction is the only type of surgery I would consider now. If I had the money. I think reduction for breasts that are a cup size or more, different in size, should be covered by insurance. It is not about having “perfect boobs” its about being able to wear clothing without having to worry about your insert moving out of place, popping out, or being ashamed if you get caught without your bra, because if you think people stare at pretty, evenly matched breasts, try sporting two that are really different sizes, they double take and then look away. I had a very wonderful women tell me that my husband was lucky, that it wasn’t every man that could have feast and famine all in one night. I have held onto this and it makes me feel okay with my girls. I would love to be even, even if they weren’t perfect, but funds won’t allow that right now so that is that, as the saying goes.

    • DGIRL

      get them checked out when you can, this could mean the biginning of something bad

  • Someone shy

    During puberty I never paid anything attention to my breasts appearance. I never bothered to look at myself naked until I was 15 or so and realized my breasts don’t look like others girls. (From movies) one is bigger than the other and the bigger breast has a nipple that is a half an inch bigger nipple. There’s no underboob as I guess people call it. I get compliments for how beautiful I al but then think “lucky you haven’t seen me without a bra” my boob confidence is shot to hell and I’m seriously considering surgery at 21 or earlier if possible. This torments me every day and is always a constant in my thoughts.

    • DGIRL

      Look for natural remedies if you can first.. let the surgery be your LAST RESORT just because it can be dangerous and VERY costly.
      I, at the moment, am doing Fenugreek and taking some natural herb pills and my breasts are actually growing larger.. BUUUT not very quickly. Patience is key.

  • Alyssa

    My right breast is larger than my left so much that you can definitely notice. I’m embarresed to wear swim suits because they don’t have enough padding and my breasts sag. I’m 15 and wear a 36D cup bra so I have big breats for my age. I also have trouble wearing sports bras and that’s difficult because I play many sports. This is a tough thing to cope being a teenager!

    • DGIRL

      being so young and still growing, i bet you are going to end up filling out that breast a bit more. You just need to practice some good habits for your breasts. Massage them regularly. Make sure you are working out your pictorial muscles. And make sure you are eating properly. I dont know if you know this or not but those things help breast growth A LOT.

  • ajlc11

    My left breast is significantly larger than the right. It was really difficult for me when I would go bra shopping with my mom and we would spend hours in the dressing room, while I cried my eyes out, because I couldn’t find a suitable bra. I’m still a kid, but let me tell you “Houston we have a problem”. I’ve never strayed away from telling a few friends that my breast are uneven, but if their reaction isn’t a light one, it kind of brings my sprit down a bit. One evening, after having to go through another one of those episodes, my mother brought home a commercial bra called the “Genie Bra” You could insert and take out little pads into each breast, and you only have to do it once, wash it, and you’re on your way! Now there is just a pad in the right one. It has helped to even them out significantly, you can still see a slight variation, but still, descent enough.
    I’m always praying that my left breast just shrinks, instead of the right one growing. I think that I have too large breasts for my size, although they really aren’t extremely big. I don’t know. I have a long ways to go in life, and I’m almost certain that the size of breast want determine whether I get into the college I want or being a successful career woman. Just my thoughts.

    • Carrisa

      I feel ya girl. I have a huge difference in my chest and I am always aware of it. I hate it. Its uncomfortable. 27 now and thinking of surgery to correct it.

    • DGIRL

      Youll be wishing for larger breasts soon enough, just like most women in this world. you just need to do a little research on health breasts and breast growth and start working to make them healthier, it helps. it helped me greatly

  • HalfCEES

    Most of you were lucky enough to have had access to the internet to look something like this up and find out that it’s normal. I’m a little older and wasn’t as fortunate. I suffered so much for it when I was younger. I never wore a bikini or bathing suit, never had a boyfriend, was painfully shy despite a generally very attractive outward appearance-little did they know my secret. I hid behind big, baggy sweaters year round, while living in sunny California. I missed out on so much in life, always feeling deformed and self-conscious. I remained a virgin until I was drugged and raped at 21, and all I kept thinking was thank goodness he didn’t remove my bra and see my deformity. At age 26 I couldn’t take it anymore, I had saved up some money and had a breast augmentation which evened them out perfectly, at the time only saline was approved by the FDA. They were able to match them, I finally felt normal, lost my virginity voluntarily at 27 to my first real boyfriend (the rape was not by choice, so I still considered myself a virgin), I was no longer ashamed to let a man see my body. One thing didn’t go well, many of my coworkers noticed a slight change and started making rude, ignorant comments to me about people who have boob jobs. It’s not like I had big implants put in, they were the smallest available, just enough to even them out. People shouldn’t make judgments since they have no clue what others are going through. I truly empathize with those women with uneven breasts who felt malformed, you are not alone, I know how paralyzing and how alienating it can be. I waited and waited for them to even out on their own, they never did, I needed the help of a plastic surgeon, who finally made me feel normal and great! In the end, I was happy I did it! No regrets.

    • Meme

      I’m almost 18 and I don’t think I could wait as long as you to get surgery.. My left breast and nipple is larger then my right. I am taking into great consideration getting an augmentation to even them out and get a healthy ‘underboob’. The only thing that worries me is if they will feel real? I don’t want big just the smallest available to give me the shape I desire. I know it’ll firm my breasts but will they still have a natural feel? Somebody help!!