I Didn’t Get Plastic Surgery On My Nose And I’m So Happy

Oh hey, it's me!

Oh hey, it’s me! Photo Credit: Danielle Laurie

Apparently, Kate Middleton’s nose is currently the most requested in the plastic surgery world. I’m not surprised because her nose is quite cute. Cute as a button, really. It got me thinking about my tumultuous-turned-loving relationship with my nose.

When I was two years old, I got smacked in the face with the handle of a Red Flyer wagon while playing in my backyard. My mom fondly says I “looked like a bulldog puppy.” She raced me to the ER and because my cartilage wasn’t fully formed, they basically molded my nose back into place.

A year later, I was sporting some jellies that were too big for my feet. My brother and I were in an intense game of tag. I chased him across the street, tripped over those beautiful pink, sparkly sandals and face-planted into the curb. Literally face-planted.

Again, I was rushed to the ER for a broken nose. This time my cartilage was a little more solid, so there wasn’t much the doctors could do. I remember my mom trying to rub Vitamin E oil on my cut up face. Thanks, Mom!

The second time was more serious and left me with a deviated septum, a crack in my nose (I still have it) and a little bump. We weren’t quite sure what I was going to look like as I got older.

When I was in middle school, I had a big awkward phase. (Didn’t we all?) I got taunted for being super skinny and for my nose. Sometimes my ears too because they stuck out a little. My nose didn’t bother me as a kid until other people started pointing it out and then it became this huge insecurity.

I hated my nose and was really distraught about it. My parents told me that if I truly wasn’t happy and wanted to get it “fixed” that I could, but it was my decision. I always appreciated that. I would circle celebrity noses that I liked and became obsessed with this ski-sloped button nose. I had nose envy over my BFF Meredith. She has the cutest nose, even today I’m like “Mere your nose is adorable.” I would Photoshop pictures of myself to see what I’d look like with different noses.

When I hit sophomore year of high school, the braces came off, the unruly hair became manageable and I started growing into myself. I still couldn’t shake the feeling that I would be happier if I got my nose fixed, but I didn’t want a drastic change anymore. I just wanted it shaved down a little.

I started doing serious research about rhinoplasty, checking out doctors and costs. Then one day I saw something about Jennifer Grey on TV, and I didn’t even recognize her. She starred in Dirty Dancing and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (two movies I LOVE) and had this iconic nose. She was known for her unique look, much like Barbara Streisand. But she got two rhinoplasty procedures and didn’t look like Jennifer Grey anymore. She’s still beautiful, but I didn’t want to not look like me.

Insecurities are so difficult to get over, but I started embracing mine. I realized that with my nose, I look like Caitlin Corsetti and not anyone else (although Sara Bareilles is my celebrity doppelganger). I realized that there wasn’t anything to “fix” because there was nothing wrong with me.

I am so glad that I decided not to go through with it. I still have nose envy over some people, but I would look ridiculous if I had their noses. If I had a different nose, I think I would feel the need to change my personality to match, and I’m not up for that. I love my broken nose and myself just the way we are.

Have you ever thought about plastic surgery for an insecurity? Have you gotten plastic surgery? Were you going to but never went through with it? Tell me in the comments!

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  • Black Shooter01

    I say if you think you have some problem and you can afford to fix it then you should do it instead of living in pain of being always self-conscience and feeling uncomfortable about how you look and forcing yourself to live with it. I have a bulbous nose and on top of that i have bumps under the skin of my nose for YEARS now!! which make my nose look even more bigger and i feel very uncomfortable to even smile cause when i smile my nostrils get stretched too far which obviously affects my overall face. i would give everything to make my nose smaller. And all that talk people do that “You wont look like your old self you are very beautiful learn to love and live with yourself no matter what condition you are in and blah blah blah” is just completely stupid to me most of them don’t even say this from their heart they say it to prevent you from looking and feeling beautiful and in my opinion big nose is actually an obstacle for girls especially in the way of looking sexy and pretty. I would definitely not encourage people to live with something which makes them uncomfortable and lie to cheer them up.

  • Giulia

    Thank you so much for this. I’ve a crooked nose and recently I think to do surgery, but I want to be Giulia, to be myself and no one else. So I started to love my crooked nose that makes me unique!

    Ps: you’re so beautiful!


  • gnarly old man

    i waited far too long to get my extra big nose made good looking .
    i was fifty for the first , and the hacker-quack, butchered the job. doing a minimum of work! leaving me still big with out bump.

    i waited 5 more years hating my nose before i found a compliant able doctor!!

    i was tired of them minimilest liying to me , think skin, un-realsitic expations, good candidate for suergy.
    i interviewed 30 l.a . nose job hackers ..

    i was rather discusted with all the butchers remarks and there inability to preforme.

    superizingly on a trip to tia juanna mx .i interviewed a doctor~~
    Manuel Gutierrez Romero, MD ~~who swore he could do as i wished and did indeed make my nose to my specifications with out fail nor any complications…

    do the nose young so you have lots of good times during your life.

    use photoshop and lots of pictures , head shots..

    dont take any shit from pompus doctors , get your distant cousin vinny or guido to make these bums understand , you know what i mean ??

  • Zina

    At the age of 9, my nose seemed to change dramatically. I had what’s called a “dorsal hump,” and was teased all throughout elementary, middle and high school. I would always ask my family, is my nose too big and they would say no, it was just fine. Then when my mother decided to start seeing a new man, he made a comment about my nose and my mom said, “you are so pretty, but you need a nose job.” That’s right, she said those words to me–my own mother. So, I looked up a plastic surgeon and went within the week, got a consultation and scheduled my surgery. I had it done two weeks later and it was a very painful recovery, but I loved the results. I did end up getting hit in the nose a couple times after the surgery (boyfriend rolled over in bed and got me with his hand and I got hit in the face with the door at a ladies restroom). SO PAINFUL!!! Anyway, anytime my nose was in any kind of pain, I would panic and call the plastic surgeon and say, do I need another surgery? He would laugh it off and say, it’s a great nose; no more work needs to be done. But I wasn’t satisfied, so I went and saw two other physicians to get their opinion–same response. I realized then that I was more insecure than I had realized. I was only 17 when I had had my surgery and looking back, I was too immature and not prepared for such a life-altering decision. Also, I now realize just how dangerous surgery really is. I mean they put you under anesthesia, break your nose and shape it like it’s putty. I am happier that the large hump on my nose is gone, but I always think, well what if I had waited until I was a bit older. Then the insecure side says, no, you need another surgery to make your nose even smaller! And then I realize that fixing my external self will never fix what’s going on inside (I am human and I am insecure about my imperfections). I am so happy I read your story, because it gives hope to young girls who will probably go through a similar time as you and I have. And every girl should know that they’re beautiful no matter what others say.

    • Black Shooter01

      If only my parents could ever arrange a plastic surgeon for me I am sure your mom only wanted you to be more beautiful which parent doesn’t want their kid to be and feel more happy and beautiful?? 🙂

  • Lena

    Wow this was just what I needed to read! I wasn’t insecure about my nose until a boy started making fun of it in middle school. Recently I’ve been so caught up in how big my nose is but after reading this I realize it’s what makes me who I am. I think you’re so pretty and such an inspiration, thanks!!!

  • Popadom101

    My nose is large, but only one person has ever mentioned it. And that guy was a price. I’m still really self conscious about it, though. It’s sort of slanted.

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