Is This The Best Commercial Ever About Period Products?

Rarely do commercials for period-related products actually take place in a bathroom, and I can’t say I’ve ever seen one that features a rap.

UNTIL NOW! You’ve got to check out this totally funny and awesome video (it begins with the message, “a Love Your Vagina production”) that I saw on Jezebel yesterday. Let me just say that you’re in for a real treat of witty lyrics AND interesting information! Check it out:

As you may have gathered from the lyrics, the Mooncup is a brand of menstrual cup. Wondering how those work? Basically, you insert the flexible cup into your vagina and it collects blood during your period (versus absorbing it like a tampon would). You then empty, wash and reuse it – so just like the rap suggests, it is a more eco-friendly option.

I didn’t know what a menstrual cup was until college, and now the only times I really see ads for them are in my collection of feminist magazines. I’m not sure if this was made just for the Internet or if it aired on UK TV, but I know that I have never felt the need to rewatch an ad for any kind of lady product like I did with this video.

Everyone deserves to choose what sort of menstrual product makes the most sense for their life and needs, but I think we can all get behind at least making sure info about options for your period are out there – especially if those facts are presented in a video as entertaining as this one. Now that this rap is stuck in my head, I’m totally open to more amazing commercials like this for all brands of products.

Do you wish more period-related commercials were like this? Had you heard of Mooncup (or menstrual cups in general) before? Tell us in the comments!


A Delivery Service For Period Products?!

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