Does Facebook Cause Stress?

Facebook cause stress

Facebook can cause stress–but it can also make you happy! | Source: ShutterStock

It’s not a secret that Facebook can affect your mood – just think of the rush you get when a cute guy comments on a pic or likes your status! But on the flip side, Facebook can also cause stress – more than any other social network.

A new study says that while most people don’t think social networking does much to cause stress, the people who did get stressed out by their social media stats say that Facebook is the worst. Out of Facebook, Twitter, Buzzfeed, YouTube, LinkedIn, MySpace, Tumblr, Reddit, Instagram, Pinterest and FourSquare, Facebook was listed as having the most negative effects on users’ moods.

Is there a particular reason for the spike in stressed out Facebook users in the study? Sort of: More people use Facebook than any of those other services, so obviously, it would cause stress for the most people. (If you’re curious, YouTube, which almost everyone uses in some capacity, came in second, which isn’t too surprising if you look at the comments section on any given video – people are nuts.) Plus, Facebook has more going on than the rest – there’s photos, messaging, videos, comments, statuses. Most other social networking apps have only a few of those, but not all.

And of course, the more features, the more potential drama, lurking and mishaps–including jealousy–can arise.

Still, Facebook isn’t all bad: In terms of people who saw an effect on their moods from social networking, Facebook had the most positive effect, too. It seems like a numbers game more than anything. But in case you were stressing about Facebook drama: Don’t! The Internet is fun (hello, you’re on right now), but real life is rad. When in doubt, focus on that.

Does Facebook cause stress for you or your friends? Does Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram or anything else effect your mood? Tell us in the comments!

Wait–is Facebook impersonating you?!

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  • sab

    It can make you feel like crap because you’re usually in a competition with all your friends on it. For example, who’s having the most fun in their pictures or who has more likes on their profile picture. It’s a massive competition & the most attractive or most popular people always win. Also the statuses can be really annoying & can make you hate someone just because they keep posting inspirational quotes or complaining about how their life is ruined. Let’s just say, everyone’s in a fight on facebook without telling anyone & is just trying to outdo the others