Comments Of The Week: All About Boyfriends!

Today is the start of February, and I bet you that in these next few days, Valentine’s Day prep is going to go into overdrive. Naturally, the approaching of Valentine’s Day gets people talking about relationships. A common conversation topic that falls under the discussion of relationships? Boyfriends.

Whether you currently have a BF or have had one in the past or have an idea in your head of a perfect one, there’s a whole lot that can be said about these guys. On the one hand, boyfriends can be awesome and make you smile and be super sweet! On the flip side, they can also drive you absolutely crazy or maybe even cause unwanted drama (and sometimes its not even your boyfriend, but a friend’s boyfriend that is stirring things up!). Sometimes just funny or awkward things happen with your boyfriend.

This is all fair game because there’s just a lot of feelings and emotions and situations when it comes to a guys and dating. So what kind of boyfriend talk was happening in the comments in recent days? Let’s take a look.

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From “Survey: Totally Awkward Moments”

From “The Traumatizing Moment That Made Me Hate Valentine’s Day”

Do you feel like you and your friends talk about boyfriends often? Do you find that more people are talking about boyfriends with Valentine’s Day coming up? Tell us in the comments.


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  • ShayShampagne

    Omg mine is up their lol!

  • kloe

    I was in love..:L we was together almost a year, but sadly he lived in birmingham:(
    He made me sosososo happy… untill he just couldnt handle the distance anymore.
    I was heartbroken. Ever since then i have became a total idiot ever since. it was been about 2 months now. im still not over him after he ripped my heart into a million pieces… About 3 weeks later the break up i found someone called James. I mean..i didnt ‘love’ him like i did with my ex…but i did fancy him:L I had made the most biggest mistake any girl could make.. then the next few days i have found out he was using me and going out with 2 other girls .

    • kody

      hey babe kloe U ddnt make a mistake any guy would B soooo damn lucky to have U its just i mean there are more duqch bags out there then good guys, 4real and to B honest i would love to date u babe but i barely kno u so it would B kinda awekword but dnt worry ull find sum1 <3