Want To “Bang Your Friends?” There’s An App For That!

Imagine you’re in this situation: you notice one of your friends on Facebook is looking extra cute lately and you’re like, “Hm, I kind of want to hook up with you.” The only problem? You don’t really want to make the first move. So how are you supposed to let him know you’re down to chill? Don’t worry girl, the app Bang Your Friends is here to help!

Yes, this is happening. Bang Your Friends is a real Facebook application designed by a few college guys from California and it’s sole purpose is helping people on Facebook get laid. I don’t know whether to laugh, be sort of impressed or be totally grossed out. I think I’ll go with a mixture of all three.

Don’t get this confused with your average dating service. While sites like Match.com and OkCupid.com are meant to try to start relationships, Bang Your Friends is much more straightforward than that (in case you couldn’t tell from the name). It’s meant to match people up with other people who are only interested in one thing: hooking up. Guys, there’s no need for meaningful conversation or proper dates when you can just straight up virtually say, “I want to bang you!” Who needs formal niceties? Let’s just get to the point here!

Is this a good thing? Uh… I don’t know. I guess if all you’re interested in is hooking up, then there’s no harm in it. You’d probably hook up either way, right? But personally, this would never work for me. I’m not saying sex always has to be romantic and sweet, but at the same time I find it a little weird to just be like, “Oh, hey, wanna bang? Alright, let’s go to my place. Oh damn, my parents are home. Your place? Cool.”

So how does the app work without completely embarrassing you in front of all of your FB friends and your aunt who quietly stalks you? It’s actually pretty quiet and anonymous. Once it’s downloaded, you can skim through your friends. If you see someone you want to get it on with, you click on their image. They will only get notified if they’re also part of the Bang Your Friends app. And if they’re not? They’ll never know you’re interested.

I guess it's good that they're promoting safe sex? | Source: BangWithFriends.com

I guess it’s good that they’re promoting safe sex? | Source: BangWithFriends.com

The creators of the app, who have mysteriously decided to stay anonymous, told The Daily Beast that, ““[Sex] should be something you’re expressive about, that you’re comfortable with, and if there’s a beautiful woman or a handsome man that you’re interested in, you shouldn’t hold back. We’re just giving you closer access to knowing the truth.” Another creator said, “Sex is such an awkward thing to bring up in our society, and we don’t think it should be.

Okay… I can agree with that. Sex shouldn’t be anything you’re ashamed of. And you shouldn’t be afraid to talk about it. But still, I would never use this. I guess I’m just one of those old-fashioned girls who thinks that people should get to know each other before they hit the sack. While there’s nothing wrong with a few random hookups in your life, I also think that it’s important to know who you’re having sex with. This app takes away the need for conversations and going out on dates before the big act. It makes sex so easy. And sex is kind of a big deal. So do you really want it be that easy?

What do you think of this app? Would you ever use it? Do you think it’s weird to just let people know you want to have sex with them? Tell me in the comments.


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  • pinkheart

    I guess if you just want to have sex to get off and take care of that urge, then its fine. I have a few male friends I would love to bang and bang often, but if I we had this app we probably would go through with it and feel weird afterwards. Sometimes sex is an impulsive thing and you do it without thinking about what happens after.

  • bakerychaz

    I think I’d use it but it’d ruin a few friendships.