Tina Fey’s Next Big Project? Being Best Friends With Me!


BFFs 4 Life?! Source: Hugh Dillon/WENN (plus my Facebook picture and Photoshop skills)

Brown hair. Glasses. Hilarious. All those words describe Tina Fey, but also ME (I may be stretching on hilarious, but bear with me!). Guys, even my mom calls us “twins” whenever she sees Tina on television and my mom knows nothing about pop culture.

I’m pretty excited about Tina Fey potentially putting together a Mean Girls musical, but I have a feeling that will take quite a while to get organized. With tonight being the series finale of 30 Rock, I have a feeling that Tina may have some extra free time on her hands that perhaps she would like to fill. Now’s my chance!

As usual, I am open to exploring the possibility of a new best friendship, and though Tina has not yet 100% confirmed my offer of BFF-dom, I thought I’d take the chance to imagine up what a magical day we would have if hanging out with me became her next big project.

Tina, I feel like with 30 Rock ending you may feel a little said about what to do next.

Let me just say that I am 100% here for you. That’s what best friends are for, after all!

Let’s get to know each other better! Tina, did you know that I studied abroad in Ireland?

Look at us bonding already! Now, it just so happens, that I am actually a writer, too!. Isn’t that a crazy coincidence?!

ANYWAY, here’s a little pitch for a TV show I’ve been working on that I am pretty sure you’ll love, BFF…

No, you’re right. Let’s not talk business. What are you thinking for lunch?

Tina, don’t be mad! Let’s forget mac and cheese and just go somewhere fancy here in NYC. I’ll pay!

What are your thoughts on seafood?

You’re so funny! Let’s actually watch Little Mermaid and have a girls night! How does that sound?

Okay, but before we have fun Tina, we need to get real for a second. Let’s talk about the one thing standing in the way of our best friendship: Amy Poehler.

I mean, I get that she’s funny and you’ve known her longer or whatever. Seriously though, how cool am I compared to whats-her-name?

Okay. Well then. Message received. So just out of curiosity, how many pages should I expect Bossypants 2 to be dedicated to me and you?

All right, sooooooooo…. we’ll do this again tomorrow, bestie?

Do you think you could handle being around the coolness of Tina? What sort of future projects do you hope Tina Fey takes on? Don’t you think she and I could be “brunettes with glasses” twins? Tell me in the comments.


My BFF competition (aka Amy Poehler) is writing a book!

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