Can Your Boyfriend Make You Gain Weight?!

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If it happens every day, this is one way your boyfriend can make you gain weight! | Source: Shutterstock

Your boyfriend is supposed to make you happy, but can he also make you gain weight?


Researchers found that the happier you are in your relationship, the more likely it is that you’ll gain weight. Meanwhile, unhappy couples tended to not gain as much weight – or to actually lose weight. Why?

The experts in the study think that when we’re happy in a relationship, we get comfortable enough to let ourselves go a little bit, since we don’t need to actively attract anyone else’s attention anymore. As a result, we don’t watch what we’re eating so much and maybe gain weight. Another factor? Going on dates, because they usually involve food!

It’s important to note that it’s never a whole lot – usually half a pound every six months – so we can pretty much guarantee that your boyfriend doesn’t notice it. Heck, you probably don’t even notice it!

As for why unhappy couples tend to lose weight instead of gain weight? Pretty simple: We want to look good in case a better offer comes along, so we tend to be more careful about our diet and exercise. Obviously, this doesn’t mean that if your dude starts hitting the gym that he’s gearing up to leave you – it’s more a correlation than a causation. (And if he is? Don’t get too sad about it: the study also showed that guys gain weight after breakups. Karma!)

Did you ever gain weight while you were in a relationship? Do you think you lose weight when you’re looking for someone else? Do you think there’s a correlation between weight gain and how happy you are with your boyfriend? Tell us in the comments!


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