Is Sex Considered A Workout? New Research Will Surprise You

is sex a workout

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Whenever I’m skimming through one of my favorite lady mags, I somehow always manage to come across an article about how to lose weight fast (like, always), and I feel like the tips are usually pretty similar. Hit the gym, eat less, cut out carbs, have sex… um, hold on. Maybe scratch that last one.

According to new research, sex may not be burning as many calories as we’ve all thought for what feels like my whole life. Say what?! But I was always told that enjoying a little one-on-one time with my BF would count for my gym sesh that day! How could this be possible? I kind of feel extremely duped right now. Anyone else?

I think we’ve all always been told that having sex burns anywhere from 100-300 calories. So, not a lot, but still… it’s a nice workout in more ways than one. But a new report in the New England Journal of Medicine says that those claims are totally false. In fact, doctors involved in the research even make it seem like there has never been concrete evidence that that’s true. Apparently, there has been only one scientific study that measured how many calories were burned during sex. That study was done in 1984 and found that generally, sex only lasts about six minutes and only burns about 21 calories.

I have to admit, my mind is kind of blown here. If there was never any real evidence that sex is a workout, then where did that myth come from? Did someone just make it up one day and post it on the Internet and the rumor spread like crazy? I mean… okay, yeah. That totally could have happened.

It’s not like we were all having sex just to burn calories or get in a fun workout for the day – it’s just that the fact that we thought we were was an awesome bonus. So it kind of stinks to hear that that was all sort of a lie.

Other weight loss myths this new research debunks? Well, apparently snacking during the day doesn’t mean automatic weight loss, school gym classes really don’t have much of an impact on a kids weight, and regularly eating breakfast doesn’t necessarily prevent obesity. Also? Losing a lot of weight at once doesn’t always mean you’ll gain it back faster. Hey, girls? Mind. Blown. 

So what can you take from this? That research is constantly changing and we should stop paying attention to it. JK. But science is always evolving and new research is always coming out, so if you’re looking to shed some pounds, I say go what works for your body. And also… sex is fun even if you’re not burning 200 calories. Promise!

Are you surprised by this new research? Have you heard the myth that sex can count as a good workout? Are you as surprised as I am? Tell me in the comments.


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  • Autumn

    You know 21 calories for 6 minutes is actually more than walk for 6 minutes

  • Elizabeth

    If you do it enough, it’s probably a great work out 😉