My Really Embarrassing Valentine’s Moment

New kids in school are always bright and shiny, aren’t they? When my class moved onto freshman year there were a ton of them. I was no longer new, which took a lot of pressure off. For some reason, new girls are not widely accepted. New guys on the other hand are like magical creatures that every girl wants to dig her claws into.

The new guys got scooped up FAST. One of them had a girlfriend within a week, which was ridiculous. There was one guy, let’s call him Sam (because there was no Sam in my class so I feel that’s safe), who no one could pin down. He was really nice and polite and seemed more mature than the other guys in our grade. Well, the week before Valentine’s Day he got hurt during a basketball game.

Approximately 99% of the girls in my school (not just my grade) wrote him get well cards, tied balloons to his locker and made him cookies. Looking back it made zero sense. Sam and I had some classes together and were like decently good friends. I kind of have no shame when it comes to embarrassing myself with guys. So I made him a Valentine.

I drew a stupid picture of a girl that had fallen over (because I’m clumsy and it was funny right?!) and the inside said something like “You’re the only guy I’ve literally fallen for.”

WHAT was I thinking?!

I always got to school early, so no one saw me when I slipped the card in his locker. We didn’t use locks, and I could have easily gotten it out. But I didn’t because I have the subconscious need to embarrass myself. We didn’t have a class together that day until later in the afternoon, so I was pretty nervous to see what the reaction would be whether it was in person, by text or a reciprocated card.

Not only was there no response, but I can’t even tell you why I did that because I didn’t even like Sam that way. The timeline of my on-off relationship at the time is so fuzzy, but this had to have been during an off period when I was probably really bummed and lonely.

We laughed it off eventually and remained friends throughout high school without any more awkward moments, but I will still never live it down from my friends.

Have you ever given a Valentine to someone that didn’t respond? What’s your most embarrassing Valentine’s Day moment? Tell me in the comments!

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