That Time I Ruined A Romantic Ski Trip Because I Almost Died (Sort Of)

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This morning, I was reminded of yet another ridiculous/awkward moment of my life when reading this New York Times blog about the importance of wearing a helmet when going skiing and/or snowboarding. What is it, you ask? Oh, just that time I almost ruined the first romantic trip I went on with my boyfriend because I thought I was dying.

Here’s what went down. (Read this if you feel like laughing at me, or read it if you ski or snowboard and don’t wear a helmet.)

Two years ago, my boyfriend and I went on our very first mini-vacay together. We realized that we both shared a passion for skiing/snowboarding and wanted to get a chance to do it together. We used my parents’ timeshare to get a sick suite in a hotel close to a mountain for a weekend and we were super excited. I couldn’t wait to hit the slopes with him and show off a little bit.

Important note: At that time, I had been skiing for almost 10 years, yet had never once worn a helmet. Why? I thought they looked stupid, plain and simple. This was surprising for a person like me, who worries every minute of the day, but whatever. I had always been a cautious skier and never thought a helmet was a necessity.

Once we got on the mountain, I strapped on my skis and got ready to impress my boyfriend with my skills (PS, I’m not a super talented skier). The whole day went great – conditions were awesome, I flew by my BF a few times, he told me I was better than he thought. Score! I felt pretty cool.

By the end of the day, I was exhausted and it was getting colder, windier and icier. We decided to do one more run down a blue (intermediate) trail, and I privately decided to kick my boyfriend’s butt and beat him to the bottom. I was flying down the mountain, going faster than I had gone all day, when… I failed. At the very end of the trail, I hit a super steep hill practically covered in ice. I was going so fast and the ice was so slippery that I tumbled down it, landing on my back and hitting my head on the ground. Of course, of course, that was the very moment my boyfriend had caught up to me. He had seen the whole thing.

Obviously, he was super sweet about it. But not only was I embarrassed… I was totally freaking out. See, I’m kind of a hypochondriac, and as I mentioned before, a huge worrywart. I was in a major panic that I had gotten a concussion, or some other sort of head injury, and that I was going to die in my sleep.

I didn’t want to let on to my boyfriend what a crazy psycho I was being in my head, so I tried to play it cool. But after an hour of being chill about the whole thing (what? I tried!), I brought it up. He reassured me that I was fine, and then I brought it up again. And again. Soon, it was all I could talk and think about.

I spent the rest of the night calling and texting my parents asking them if they were sure I shouldn’t go to the hospital, and wondering what my BF would do if I passed out while he was in the shower. So, not exactly the super romantic night I had planned. Trying to be cute and couple-y doesn’t really go hand-in-hand with being convinced you’re about to die.

What did I do almost immediately after that weekend? I spent a lot of money on a helmet to wear the next time we went skiing. I got lucky with that fall and didn’t get seriously hurt – but head injuries happen all the time on the mountain. Also? I just kind of needed to prevent future embarrassments like that (FYI – they’re still happening).

Do you ski or snowboard? Do you wear a helmet? What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done in front of a boyfriend or crush? Tell me in the comments!


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