10 Badges We’d Earn If We Were Girl Scouts Today

I’m proud to say I was a Girl Scout. Not only did I sell (and beat all the other girls’ sales in my troop, NBD) Girl Scout cookies, but I earned badges. That was one of the best parts of Girl Scouts. You won things for your accomplishments and had your mom sew them onto a sash or vest that you got to parade around. The more badges you had, the cooler you were.

I think I’d be a lot cooler today if I had badges for all the awesome stuff I did. There are so many things we do that deserve visual proof. Well, Demeritwear has created some badges that are perfect for the grown-up Girl Scout. Their missions is to create “irreverent and funny merit badges about the outdoors to create a new brand for the less accomplished among us.”

They’ve got some great ones like “Caffeine Addict” and “Glamping”, but they’re missing quite a few for some serious girl accomplishments. Check out the badges we’d like to see!

What Demerit Badges would you like to see? Would you earn any of these? Tell me in the comments!

GIF Girl would get all the badges

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