The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Looking Hot When It’s Cold Outside

When you hear “winter fashion,” if you’re like me, you think of a million layers and a face that is super dry from the weather. For many of us, it is not the time of year that we feel the most glamorous. Now, I know there are some practical winter beauty tricks, but I’m talking about have a sense of winter style so hot that it melts all that snow on the driveway. Seriously, shoveling is the worst.

Winter is also the time of year that lazy girls really thrive because you can get away with constant lounging. But even the laziest of girls (myself included) want to feel glam even during the cold months of the year. So how can you strike a balance between conquering the cold, looking good AND putting in minimal effort? Here are some tips to help you out (ehhh, kinda):

What sorts of winter fashion tips do you have? Does your look change a lot depending on the season? Tell me in the comments!


Need some ideas about how to stay warm?

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  • lauren

    i am assuming these suggestions were intended as a joke, but they weren’t even funny. Like at all. This website has gone so downhill recently i think i’ll have to get off it, most of the stuff you post is annoying jokes that make no one laugh. Well done on losing a loyal reader!

    • Riley

      Cut the gurl some slack, its her type of humor