GIF My Life: Shopping For My Valentine

Have you checked your calendar lately? It’s almost the end of January! Time seems to be flying in 2013, amirite? However, with February quickly approaching, many of us have Valentine’s Day on the brain.

GIF Girl is no exception to the rule here! Our ever awkward (but ever optimistic) heroine wants to get prepared for Valentine’s Day. As you recall, she has a guy that she’s totally crushing on this year, and what better day than one dedicated to love to make her feelings known?!

But knowing what to get a valentine can be stressful! So how does GIF girl tackle this challenge? Well let’s find out:

It’s nearly Valentine’s Day season! Normally I greet that with less than enthusiasm.

But guys, I think this is the year I’m going to let my crush know what I think of him. FYI, this would be a Valentine’s first for me.

The only problem is I don’t have a ton of experience buying valentines.

After school, I head to the mall to take a look around. I figure since it’s still January, there may be some deals.

I figure I’ll keep it simple — probably some candy and a cute card.

But why does every card here have “I Love You” all over it?! I may be crushing hard, but I don’t want to just blurt out the L word. I can only imagine how that would go over.

I finally pick out a suitable “I like you, but I’m not obsessed”  card… WHOA! Since when do cards cost $5?!

Okay, that’s a no go on the card. I’ll just fold some construction paper (it’s the thought, right?). Luckily I have saved the best aisle for last: CANDY!

I feel like there’s not too much that can go wrong in this aisle. It’s a beautiful wonderland.

I buy bag of candy for my crush and head home. Now I just need to write a little note to go with the sweets. Let the brainstorming begin!

I need just one piece of chocolate to help me think. Will he really notice one missing from this bag?

Should I start with “Hi?” “Hey?” A simple “Happy Valentine’s Day?” Ugh, this is hard.

Okay, seriously, just think up a few words. You can do this.

I keep drawing a blank about what to write, so I grab another piece of inspiration candy. Okay, maybe two. Three?

Cut to two hours later: no card bought, still no note written and all that’s left of the candy gift for my crush is an empty bag. You know, I’ll just deal with this on February 13…


Have you ever shopped for a valentine before? How did it go? Tell us in the comments.

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