What Would Jennifer Lawrence Do?

Last week we took a look at what the lovely Clarissa Darling would do in various situations. It only seemed appropriate that this week we’re taking a look at our spirit animal, Jennifer Lawrence, since she’s basically owning the world right now.

I can’t express how much I love J-Law. She’s perfectly awkward, hilarious and seems like the kind of friend that would give you the last piece of gum. There’s a GIF of her for every single emotion you could have. She’s so wise.

So, what would Jennifer Lawrence do?


When you see your ex

When someone says something you don’t understand

When you get a compliment

When your mom cooks something you don’t like

When you get to have a lazy day

When you agree just to get someone to stop talking

When your crush finally wants a girlfriend

When you go on an ice cream date

When you go to a party with your older sibling

When you see a girl you don’t like talking to a big group of people

When you see yourself in the mirror when you wake up

When you’re playing hard to get

How do we describe Jennifer Lawrence?


What would Clarissa do?

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  • bakerychaz

    Why is Jennifer Lawrence so popular? I don’t find her entertaining at all.

    • Charlie Clarke

      Of course she’s popular. She’s the best actress i’ve ever seen. She’s smart, hilarious, funny, gorgeus, incredible acting, blah blah blah… She’s the best! I just love her so much!