I Have Small Breasts – And I’m Totally Cool With That!


My boobs have been the same size since middle school. Source: ShutterStock

Back in the days of puberty, I feel like a lot of girls my age were really concerned about when they would get boobs. I guess I never really thought much about it, which maybe was fate letting me know that a fairly flat chest was in my future. Well, that’s what happened, but honestly, for me it’s no big deal at all because I actually really love it.

I have basically been wearing the same bra size since I first got one in middle school. There’s not a ton that I want to relive from my middle school days, but if this is the thing that sticks with me, I’m okay with it. No joke, I have a few bras that I’ve had for ten years (which may not be something to brag about because it reveals I need a major wardrobe shake-up, but whatever, they still work!).

Some other perks, you may ask? Well, being super forgetful, I was always forgetting sports bras in my gym bag. No need to panic though… I would just wear the bra I had on all day at school because it was more than enough support. Problem solved!

Another pro to my bra size: I’m always comfy! I remember my mom once bought me a bra that had an underwire and it was so uncomfortable (like wires digging into my skin uncomfortable), but the more annoying thing was that I didn’t even really need it there because it did nothing. Today, I have zero bras with wires and all the ones I own are glorified bralettes. I only have a handful of “regular” bras. Honestly, when I try to wear any bras with padding they look kind of ridiculous.

Now, I don’t always see a lot of really glamorous bras in my size, which I could see as a negative. I try to instead focus on the positive, which is that I can often get bras that do the job way cheaper. I can wear whatever is in the juniors section at a department store, and I don’t need to shell out money at Victoria’s Secret (plus, their sale pickings for my size are usually slim to none). I can even ditch wearing a bra altogether for some dresses without even thinking twice about how everything is going to stay in place.

Okay, fine. If I have to gripe about my small boobs, it sometimes gets a little annoying going shopping. I find that clothing sizes sometimes factor in your bust size, so considering that I tend to like to dress in looser clothes, there has been a number of times where it all fits great – except for the super amount of empty fabric just hanging off my chest.

I’ve found that wearing V-necks is kind of a pain because I don’t really have any boobs to help keep the shirt up. As a result, when I bend over, you can basically get a giant eye-full of my whole front, which makes me uncomfortable. To deal with this, a lot of the time I’ll wear V-necks backward. I remember seeing Amanda Seyfried wear a dress backward on purpose to some event and thought it was the coolest thing, so I worked it to meet my own style needs. The big V in the back shows off my shoulders and usually the shirt then fits me better in front.

So yeah, sometimes I get annoyed about having small boobs, but for the most part, I really try to only dwell on the stuff that I do like about it. I don’t know what it is like to be shaped any other way, so I just try to celebrate what I like about my small chest and find ways to accept or work with the aspects of it that make me a little less confident.

In the end though, on those days where I’ve tried on more padded bras just to see how they would look, the body I see in the mirror doesn’t look like mine anymore. I guess I just feel like the way I am built is perfect for me.

Do you worry about your chest size or do you not care? Is it something that you talk about with your friends? Tell us in the comments.


The Saga Of The Perfect Bra

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  1. avatarBrad says:

    Hello, lady’s with small breasts. I’m sure I speak for every guy that would post on this(accept for the haters… they gonna hate…) when I say that your breasts are great at the size they are. There is no need to change them… and besides, as a woman with larger breasts gets older their boobs will start to fall and droop… you don’t get that with small breasts, they stay nice and perky…
    (If anyone wants to contact me, here’s my email: brad84845@gmail.com)

  2. avatarAccidentalFate says:

    I’m a B and that was always impressive to me since I’ve hardly ever actually weighed over a hundred pounds and Bs on my frame are kind of impressive. Then my cousin hit puberty some years after me and she had surpassed me in bra size when she was just 12, it was then that I truly discovered the concept of body envy. I have since reconciled myself with my small but still impressive bust though and it no longer bothers me.

  3. avatarKate says:

    My best friend and I are both 13, I barely have any breasts, I not even a full A cup yet. My best friend Sarah started to really get her breast last summer and she is a 32C already. My boyfriend says he doesn’t care the I have small breasts but ever time Sarah joins us in bed he can’t wait to play with her breasts, well I can’t either, but I wish he wasn’t so obvious.

  4. avatarMira says:

    Turning 19 and my boobs have been stuck at 32A and there’s still some empty space in the cups. Sure I could live with it, and it doesn’t bother me too much, but it’s still quite disappointing to be honest.

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  6. avatarEmily says:

    i’ve had the same bra size since i was 11, and i’m going on 15 now (i’m a 32a)

  7. avatarExaelia says:

    Waahh, I still think I’m too teeny.

  8. avatarJenny says:

    I was worried i would never develope boobs i saw girls younger than me growing boobs what was wrong with me genetics i guess
    It wasnt till i got to 16 my boobs grew and grew and grew i said ok enough wound up with with 34 c cups and am very happy

  9. avatarBriana says:

    Honestly I complain a lot about having a 34 A because then I can’t fill my super cute bikini tops or dresses. I’ll even take pity on myself and become jealous because it seems like all guys like bigger boobs, but not all of them. Having smaller boobs is more comfortable and it’s cute. Plus it means we’re skinny :) Boobs are boobs, just be happy with yours,

  10. avatarJJ says:

    Im a size 32A but not like fully A, i guess. It saddens me when i cant wear certain outfits because i dont have the boobs to make it look nice or fit well. I hate wearing bathing suits for that same reason. If i do wear swin suits, i have to make sure it has some pasding to make me feel like i have some boobs. Im always self concious about how small they are which is part of the reason why i always wear loose fitting clothing. That, or really fitting clothing to show some sort of bump.
    I do wish they were bigger. But, thats not going to happen & ive somewhat accepted that. It still sucks, though.
    Its probably the only thing im insecure about on my body.

  11. avatarGloria says:

    I’m a 36 C, but where I live, a lot of the girls are really busty. Like, they make me feel and look so tiny. Ugh, I don’t know. I guess it’s all about perception.

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  13. avatarEleanor says:

    I’m a size 32A I don’t think I even need to wear a bra to be honest my boobs are so small, but I don’t care cause it means that a guy will look at my face not my chest!

  14. avatarEleanor says:

    I’m a size 32A I don’t think

  15. avatarRowen says:

    I have a size 34A and it really bothers me sometimes because really cute dresses I want to wear I can’t fit cause I’ve got no boobs to fill…and it really hits me because I have a rather low self esteem due to past happenings so seeing girls with big boobs I get jealous sometimes…but when girls with big boobs complain i feel somewhat better knowing I don’t have that issue.

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  17. avatarNina says:

    I really get pissed off when my friends tease me about my small boobs. I barely got any cleavage. I am a ‘b’ cup. :(

    • avatarChloeJ says:

      You at least are a B!
      Congratulations. Im turnin 16 soon and I barely fit into an A cup. -_-

      It’s perfectly fine though. I know it’s torture with your friends teasing, but you gotta deal wih it. Tease them back with somthing better. im sure you’ll figur something out!


  18. avatarKatie says:

    I wouldn’t mind going down a cup or even two. I bet having smaller boobs would be nice.

  19. avatarValerie says:

    Small boobies and feel cute, dont care. Once you hear your large chested friends complain before you even develop you dont care and you still feel pretty cute everyday.

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