How Well Does Google Know You?

How do they know?! Source: Shutterstock

How do they know?! Source: Shutterstock

It’s no secret that Google essentially knows everything about everyone. Google is the Big Brother of the internet world. It’s actually kind of creepy how well Google knows us. They know our shopping preferences, what kind of food we like, our favorite bands and more. Google’s like the most attentive boyfriend we’ve never had.

So you know the ads that pop up when you’re surfing the web? Or when you’re on Facebook? Or doing anything on the internet? Google tracks your activity through cookies, which are little bits of data that are stored in your browser. Cookies allows Google to remember what sites you frequent and products you look at. That’s why you get ads that are relevant to your interests.

I know it sounds very stalker-esque, but it actually improves your internet experience. How many times do you see an ad that doesn’t apply to you and get annoyed? Google just wants you to be surrounded by things you love!

Now, Google is asking you to tell it what you love. If you click on the link, it’ll bring you to the new Ads Preferences where you can actually see what Google thinks you like. Sometimes you’ll get ads based on sites you’ve only been to a few times, and this allows you to set your preferences so the ads you see are always relevant. You can remove anything that doesn’t apply to you and add preferences that you would like Google to know.

Google knows I’m into fashion, beauty, celebrities, coffee, blogging and technology. They’re definitely on point. I was really amazed that Google knows me as well as it does. There wasn’t one thing in my ads list that didn’t apply to me, which means Google knows its stuff or I only visit the same collection of websites every day. Google also lists the demographic you fall into, your gender and language, which can also be changed to better fit you. Google correctly picked up that I’m female in the 18-24 range who speaks English, Spanish, and Italian.

How well does Google know you? Did Google get anything drastically wrong? Tell me in the comments!


Apparently we’re not as good at multi-tasking as we think!

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