Everything About Jennifer Lawrence Is Amazing – Even Her Parents!

I’m not sure I will ever give up on my dream of Jennifer Lawrence recognizing that it’s our destiny to be best friends. As of this moment, my goal has been expanded to include hanging out with anyone on the Lawrence family tree. 

Our favorite ladies over at Crushable tipped us off to an Entertainment Tonight segment from last night’s SAG Awards where JL’s parents gushed about how they have an amazing daughter – but not in a super braggy way, you know? Like in a, just two super sweet and proud parents speaking the truth way. Check out the video below:

Basically, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence and I should hang out, because talking about how amazing JL is has become one of my number one hobbies. Yet again, this snippet into the world of Jennifer confirms that she remains the most down-to-earth gal going. Who hasn’t been pretend embarrassed at their dad when he actually says something really nice?!

I find Jennifer so relatable, that I’ve convinced myself that this exact interview could easily have been my parents at my high school graduation. Only instead of a sweet award my actor friends gave me, I was holding a diploma, and instead of a designer dress, I wore a shapeless graduation gown. Also, instead of ET being there, it was just my math teacher. But still, the basic feel-goodness is the same!

It was nice to get to hear from her parents, especially since I remember being really touched by what Jennifer said about her family in her Golden Globes acceptance speech. As a girl with two brothers myself, I especially appreciated her shout-out to her siblings: “I wouldn’t be who I am today without you being mean to me, but then really supportive and loving constantly.” That basically sums up my relationship with my brothers. Seriously, JL, call me if you want to have one big family hang-out!

Did you watch the SAG Awards last night? Does seeing Jennifer’s super normal and nice family make you like her even more? Tell us in the comments!

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