Guys Who Cheat (Like Zayn Malik) Are The Villains–Not The Girls They Cheat With!

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It hurts more when guys who cheat happen to be in One Direction. Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards from Little Mix are on the rocks after he was caught with another girl–who got slut shamed by Internet commenters. | Source: WENN

Guys who cheat are generally selfish douchebags. That goes without saying: If you make a commitment, break it and are dishonest about it, that’s a pretty scumbag move, right? So then why do we get so mad at the other girls when it’s the guys who cheat on us? Even when that guy is . . . Zayn Malik from One Direction! (Gosh, it pained me to write that, because I love them.)

Here’s what supposedly went down: Zayn has been dating Perrie Edwards from the U.K. girl group Little Mix for a while now–well over a year–and they even live together. Now, a girl named Courtney sold a story about having sex with Zayn to a tabloid. She said she didn’t know he had a girlfriend and that he insisted he was single, but that when she got to his bedroom, she saw a lot of Perrie’s things around–fake eyelashes, shoes, even a photo of them together (yikes!). Of course, once she pieced it all together she could have peaced out, and it’s a little shady that she sold her story knowing Perrie was going to see it. Courtney got a lot of vitriol from Internet commenters and Directioners when the story broke (she took pics to prove it, which–again–is a little shady, but still. It takes two to tango.)

But here’s the thing: She’s not the one in the relationship. Zayn is.

Courtney and “the other girls didn’t cheat on Perrie or you or anyone else. Guys who cheat often try to spin it to get the two girls involved pissed at each other, but really, guys who cheat are the ones who owe you something–not the girls they cheat with!

Think about it this way: Guys who cheat usually lie to their girlfriends about it, right? So chances are, they probably lied to the girls they’re cheating with, too.

Being cheated on sucks. It hurts. It makes you sad, it makes you angry, it makes you embarrassed–and it kind of tears you up, because you don’t want to think that someone you liked or loved a lot has it in them to play you out. You might try to channel that frustration into hating or even slut-shaming on whoever he did his dirt with while you were together. That’s a somewhat normal reaction, and I can sort of understand it–but it’s not the healthiest or best one.

Guys who cheat are tricky to deal with, and every situation is different. But if you suspect he’s a real rat, bashing the girl (or worse, girls) he hooked up with won’t fix anything. If someone cheats consistently, you don’t need to look at or blame anyone else. You just need to get out of that relationship–or at least ask yourself why you don’t think you deserve someone who cares about your feelings, because guys who cheat don’t care about you, and have very little regard to your feelings when they’re getting it in somewhere else with someone else. And for the record? You do deserve better. And chances are, so does she.

Do you blame guys who cheat or the girls they cheat with more? Do you think girls should take back guys who cheat? Tell us in the comments!

Zayn Malik isn’t the only celeb who may have cheated on his GF. Yikes!

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  • Nadia Anaya

    hi Zany it’s a 1d Fan I have a question can you Please do you Sexy Dance Move for us IM a 1d Fan I like your Sexy Dance Move IM a 1d Fan and My Mom Gina Loves you she thinks you are so Cute

  • olvia walton

    hey zayn i thik that you are not cheater and also that you are a cut and hot guy who likes to have fun and i also like singing to and there was one more thing. oh um i really like your smile

  • Bella

    Zayn did not cheat. I agree with SOME stories above. Sometimes the girl forces it on the guy to sleep with them.

    By the way, this website should be banned if all you’re going to do is post about celebrity rumors.

  • lisa

    this is bullshit, zayn didnt cheat there’s evidence it was another man who looked similar to zayn in his features (not nearly as attractive) and the tattoos were wrong, so dont post shitty stories saying zayn is a ‘villain’ when you clearly have only looked on the surface of this, rumour. which is all it is. a rumour

  • paige

    Zayn didn’t cheat. The pictures she took were photoshopped and were taken of someone else who she tried to make look like Zayn. The bone structure is wrong. Plus, do you know what these rumors are doing to him because of people like you that write these articles? He hurt his hand by punching a wall because he was so upset people would actually believe he could do that to Perrie. Therefore, in conclusion, whoever wrote this article is a homewrecking hoe. And I hate you.

    • Keisha

      Even if its not true, its kinda pathetic he punched a wall. He should know rumors are going to be spread about him, good or bad. Just shows he cannot handle fame. If he knew its not true, he shouldn’t feel inclined to harm himself.



  • meg

    lol this was a rumor and the lady made it up for fame bye if you actually knew zayn malik you would know he would never cheat

    • Rachel

      How in the hell would you know? Do you know Zayn personally? She has photographic evidence! How desperate do you think she is if you believe she went out her way to photoshop the picture and come up with a perfect lie to confirm her story?

  • RisingMavin

    I’m with Lynette, lol!

  • Kendra

    Um this is obviously fake. Zayn is famous, everybody knows he has a girlfriend, and did they even break up after this?

  • Lynette

    She actually slept w/ Zayn Malik? Lucky b**ch!

  • Kelly

    Eh, in this case the girl was in the know and wrong. First of all, Zayn Malik is a famous musician. Every knows him. Everyone knows he has a girlfriend.. Even if she was ignorant of that fact, she should’ve known something was up when she saw the girly products on the floor. She saw a picture of them together for crying out loud! Courtney knew the moment she sold the story Perrie was going to see it. Zayn shouldn’t have cheated, yes, but quit pretending the girl is so innocent. In this case, Courtney getting slammed by Perrie would seem justified.

    • ViviGoesRoar

      I totally agree. Even after she realized he was with someone, she couldn’t have the decency to keep things between the three of them. It sucks to be cheated on, I bet it must be worse having the world find out before you.

    • bakerychaz

      I SO AGREE

  • Popadom101

    He’s sexy and all, but that just plain wrong. AND SHE’S FORGIVING HIM. WHICH MAKES THE WHOLE SITUATION SO MUCH WORDE