Your Complete Guide To Preparing For Valentine’s Day

Oh Valentine’s Day, the holiday people love to hate! I personally am not into V-Day and never have been. Except I really like those conversation hearts and chocolate so feel free to send some of those over.

I’ve had several disastrous and several good Valentine’s Days throughout my life. I never really got worked up over it or had high expectations because that’s when things go wrong. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, Valentine’s Day does take some preparation.

If you’re in one, you have to figure out what you’re doing with your boo. If you’re not, you probably don’t want to spend it alone so you should prep for a girls’ night. I’ve done tons of V-Day girls’ nights and those have been my favorites. There’s nothing better than spending a lovey-dovey holiday with your loving besties.

I’m not the Queen of Hearts or anything, but I’ve got your complete guide on preparing for Valentine’s Day right here so go ahead and click through!

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  • lisha

    Last year I hd a nice valentine coz I had someone who thught of me. I dnt knw abut this yr

  • AsianIggs1

    My 6 month anniversary’s the day after Valentine’s Day, and my school’s holding a dance 🙂 I’m hoping that my boyfriend can come, and that we could meet up before hand and celebrate our 6th month a little before celebrating it the party hard way.

  • bakerychaz

    Oh god…I forgot about Valentine’s day. Every time it comes around, I never have a boyfriend! This year won’t be any different to the others. 🙁