From The Message Boards: Do Malia And Sasha Obama Have It Rough?

Sometimes I like to imagine what it would be like to live life as a celebrity child. I think I’d do really well as Suri Cruise. I like cute clothes. I love the zoo. Celebrity children have ridiculous lives and have an instant foot in the door when it comes to the entertainment world.

But what about children in politics? We rarely hear about them, maybe because the Secret Service is hiding their business. This post asking if Malia and Sasha Obama have it rough because they don’t get a “normal” teenage life got me thinking about political children. Let’s see what y’all had to say before I weigh in!

Nyctimene said:
No, I do feel sorry for them. They didn’t choose to have a parent in politics, but they have to play as much of a role as he does. Does anyone really think they want to be dragged around on his campaigns just so he can play “good family man”? They probably want to be at home with their friends, playing video games and going to the mall. One of them was so tired she was yawning at his inauguration and was probably up helping/being posed by him and Michelle.

Celebrity children are similar, but at least their lives are less in danger. They can often avoid publicity a bit more than high level political kids.

flamingoccm said:
First of all, how exactly are they the most powerful teenagers in the world? They’re the kids of a president. They hardly have power. Their father was a US Senator before he was a Presdient. Do you really think they would have had a “normal” high school experience if he hadn’t become president? Doubtful.

Nobody pities Chelsea Clinton, who also grew up in the White House. Nobody goes around feeling sorry for the children of other notable politicians. Why should you feel sorry for Malia and Sasha? I understand that it’s got to be rough being in the spotlight, but with the exception of big events, they’re not really. I may not be reading the same articles you are, but I don’t see them being criticized. They really want for nothing. Yeah, they’ll have secret service hanging around but the other children who have grown up in the White House have all gotten married just fine…even the Kennedys, and if ever there were presidential kids to feel sorry for, I think they probably take the cake.

So no. I can’t say I feel bad for them. They live a privileged life, and I believe they’ll benefit from it time and again throughout their lives.

Kimbooklover said:
They will never have “normal” high school years – everything they do will be magnified and criticized. That’s got to be a lot of pressure. Plus, who will want to date them with the secret service hanging around?!

I think to be any public figure must be tough, but yeah Malia and Sasha probably have a lot to deal with. They do however have a great amount of protection, and it’s not like the paparazzi are hounding them because they’re watched over very closely.

They go to a private school with many other kids of politicians. There’s an entirely separate world when it comes to politics. They probably hang out with other politicians’ kids. It may be more difficult for them to have sleepovers, and they can’t just walk outside without being followed. However, they’ve grown up like this. I think what’s normal for them isn’t what everyone else would consider normal.

Plus, they live in the White House. That’s pretty rad.

Do you think Malia and Sasha have it rough? What about other celebrity kids? Tell me in the comments!

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  • Adrienne

    About the yawning, I yawn all te time, whether or not I’m well rested. If I had been there, I probably would have been yawning too.

  • Maria

    Well obviously they are going to lead more public lives than normal teenagers. Everything major they do will come out in public, but that dosen’t make me feel sorry for them. One way it’s good because they realize they have a greater responsibility to keep out of trouble and they realize that their actions impact others very early in life.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, they were just normal kids. So no, they didn’t grow up like this. And their normal is the same as our normal. Just putting that out there.

  • bakerychaz

    Personally, I don’t feel sorry for Malia and Sasha. I don’t think there’s enormous pressure on them to impress (when they were in an interview with their father one time, Barack said he would never do it again so they obviously don’t have any pressure on them). Personally, lots of kids out there in the world are jealous of the lifestyle they have and they should enjoy it.