Here’s My PMS Cure For Severe Premenstrual Symdrome

Girl Screaming With PMS Symptoms

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I have bad PMS. Six days before my period, I feel like the world is ending, everything anyone says makes me cry, I can’t do anything right and I feel trapped in my own body. This happens every, single month.

If you don’t know, PMS stands for premenstrual syndrome and is a series of super unpleasant symptoms that can pop up any time about two weeks before to two days after your period hits. Symptoms can range from headaches to bloating to my general the-sky-is-falling-down-on-me feelings.

After years of suffering and not getting very far with the medical help my doctor offered, I took matters into my own hands. I put a question out to my girls on Facebook asking for PMS cures. I got responses like “Just kill someone, you’ll feel better,” and “Go underwater and scream.” But the majority of my friends suggested one solution: raw cacao nibs.

What’s that? You want me to eat chocolate AND feel better? Sign this girl up. I bought a huge bag of raw unsweetened cacao nibs and shoved a handful in my mouth. Have you ever eaten unsweetened cacao? Well, don’t because it is so gross. I started putting the nibs in smoothies to mask the taste. And then I tried sweetened nibs. But still, for me, they didn’t make any difference in my PMS.

After the nibs, I tried teas, expensive herbal pills and asked every woman I knew (and some I didn’t) about their PMS cures. Finally, I found an angel at Whole Foods who handed me an adorable little metal container labeled Oona. She explained that it’s an herbal pill made from chaste tree and black cohosh and it’s supposed to help balance your hormones.

I popped the first pill before I even got to the register. I started taking them every day with breakfast. If I forgot, my boyfriend remembered. (Sometimes PMS can be worse for those around us than for us!) After a few weeks, Oona and I had a routine.

That first month, not much changed. I was still sensitive and still doubting myself during PMS time. But some of the bite was gone. I was more quietly depressed, if that makes sense.

The next month, things had taken a great turn. While normally I get an overwhelming wave of emotion, I was just a bit bummed out. I wasn’t totally miserable and I was way kinder to myself.

My third month in, which is when the packet tells you it should really start to work, I got my period without really noticing my PMS at all.

I am writing this right smack in the middle of when I should be PMSing. I’m not going to say all the symptoms are gone. I still feel a bit vulnerable and doubtful of myself, but these symptoms are very manageable now. What used to be a PMS tornado is now a PMS drizzle.

All I can say is HALLELLUJAH!

Everyone’s body is different, so I can’t tell you exactly what would help your PMS and you should check in with your doctor before taking any new pills or meds. But I wanted to let you know that there are cures out there.

Do you have PMS? Ever tried to cure yours? What makes you feel better? Let me know in the comments.

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  • Cece

    my PMS is so bad and my mood swings are just terrible I have tried what literally seems like everything: exercising, changing my diet, drinking more water, and nothing really seemed to help my mood swings. I will definitely try this thank you so much!!!

  • Marian

    If you need a faster fix while you wait on the vitex stuff to kick in, try Planetary Formulas Calmative Compound. It is cheap, high-quality and works within hours

  • daisy

    Sometimes, I feel bummed after my period. Like right now.
    After-Menstrual-Syndrome? AMS?

    • pepa

      If that happens from 1-2 weeks after your period, maybe it is because of your ovulation.

  • karen

    And there is people who claim that PMS is only a state of mind. Say that to my uterus who gives me cramps so bad that I throw up.

    So good that you found something that makes you feel better, PMS is so annoying because you really can’t control your emotions or your reactions and body pains (my tummy gets so big that i can’t wear my own chlothing)