How To Deal With A First Love Break Up

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kayla88 said:

Me and my ex are both 18 years old and we dated my whole senior year and we started college at a community college together. October 19, 2011 is our anniversary and we broke up January 9 2013. Ever since college started in August he has been with his friends more and more but he always loved me and made sure he told me. He told me he doesn’t think it will work and that he doesn’t wanna try. He can’t be a good boyfriend and all this stuff, but he still loves me. Then I find out he got a girl’s number and has been texting her added her on snapchat and then Instagram. I heard they talk a lot and she likes him, but already he is talking to other girls? He told the he never wanted another girl for a while after we break up. He told me he truly loved me. But I asked him about it and he won’t answer my texts or anything, I need closure. What do I do?

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