Do You Know About The New “Vine” App?


Have you heard about the Vine app? Source:

If you are a Twitter user, perhaps you’ve noticed the new app that launched yesterday called “Vine.”  I haven’t used it, but NPR explained that you make videos in Vine by pressing and holding on your phone screen.

Right now, you can only download it for the iPhone or iPod touch, but it is reportedly going to be available on other devices in the future. Before you start planning out a feature film though, the maximum video length is only six seconds.

Twitter owns Vine, but they are separate apps. That said, the appeal is that you can embed your mini-movies right into your Tweets, thus allowing your many followers to admire your directing skills.

NPR really summed it up best when they wrote, “Twitter’s video initiative looks a lot like animated GIFs.” And the results totally do look GIF-fy. GIF-esque? GIF-ish? Like a GIF (soooo look out, Tumblr?). Actually, I’d add that a lot of the videos I’ve looked at kind of took a stop-motion type approach which actually is pretty cool.

From my brief search around Twitter, I am mostly seeing different companies using Vine, but there are also some individuals out there using it so I feel like it’s only a matter of time before it becomes the trendy new celeb thing. Anyway, here’s one of my favorites I’ve seen so far.


Basically, now instead of looking at still photos of people’s dinner, am I going to have to watch six seconds worth of people’s dinner? Because now the amount of time I waste my life online has obviously just multiplied by six. Sigh, I guess only time will tell what sort of future Vine will have… and how much time I will waste watching what people make with it.

Have you heard about Vine? Does this sound like an app you will use? Do you think celebs are going to start making more Twitter videos now? Tell us in the comments!


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