The Most Uncomfortable Valentine’s Day Serenade


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Let me start by saying that I’m all for doing fun stuff on Valentine’s Day and letting the person you like know it. However, after witnessing a display of love in the middle of my classroom, I just think there may be times and places more appropriate than others.

At my high school, Valentine’s Day tended to be more of a chance show your love to your friends. A group at school sold carnations that you could buy for like a dollar to get sent out every period. I’d always send a few to some of my friends and get excited about getting a few myself.

Now, if you wanted to splurge a little more, you could have a member of the chorus go into your special someone’s class and sing them some kind of love-themed song — basically a singing telegram. These were a bit more rare, and I remember them mostly bought as kind of a joke between friends who just wanted to do something kind of silly.

One Valentine’s Day, I was in class and we got the well-awaited for interruption for the carnation distribution. That was already a treat AND I was psyched to see that there was a singing carnation component to it as well. Those were always good (and took longer so, less class time!). I was looking over all 57* carnations I’d received for that period (*numbers may be exaggerated), when the chorus girl began singing.

At first, I didn’t think too much of it… then I realized that this girl was taking this opportunity to single out her boyfriend and full-out serenade him.

That really is the best word for it. Not like, singing a goofy song for her BF and kind of smiling about it, but like totally serious love ballad mode. This couple was already super PDA at our school, and now I was witnessing PDSA – public display of song affection.

Don’t get me wrong — if you’re a good singer and want to show off in front of your BF, be my guest. However, I think they forgot everyone else was in the class. Actually, it was like straight-up, “I am giving you all my love in this song and I want everyone in the classroom right now to understand how in love we are.” Needless to say, those of us not a part of this couple were all super uncomfortable as we were collectively a giant third wheel.

Honestly, I don’t even remember what song it was, but I do remember that THE SONG WOULD NOT END. I was so uncomfortable, and as we all know, that’s when you want to laugh. I remember making eye contact with my friend and trying to best convey my “OMG WHAT IS HAPPENING” emotions without breaking into a totally rude fit of giggles. Seriously though, the best was my teacher who looked just as uncomfortable with what was going on as her teenage students.

Eventually it did all end, and I guess we all made it back to learning. Hey, chorus girl didn’t care and her boyfriend didn’t care, so props for their confidence in their relationship and courage to put it all out there. After that year though, I could never look at the singing carnations again without fear it was going to turn into some kind of exclusive date where I was an intruder just along for the ride.

Have you ever witnessed a display of love that made you feel awkward? How do you think you would have felt in my shoes? Tell us in the comments!

This May Have Been The Most Awkward Date Ever.

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  • bakerychaz

    One time, I was with a group made up of me, my mum and her (adult) friends, and then this barbershop quartet came and sang to us!