Let’s Talk About Rihanna

Okay, I will be the first to admit that I love Rihanna. I love her music, I think she’s absolutely gorgeous and seems super fun to hang out with. But I think she’s making some not-so-great decisions, and we need to chat. She’s said before that she doesn’t want to be a role model, but it’s a little late because she became one the minute “Pon De Replay” hit the radio.

I totally understand the gravitational pull of getting back together with a crazy ex-boyfriend, and yes, I really think Chris Brown is crazy. And there’s the whole “people can truly change” mantra. Yeah they can, I’ve witnessed it. But I’m not sure Chris Brown is one of those people.

I remember being really influenced by things my celebrity idols did when I was young. I know it’s easy to justify something because someone you think is cool did it too. Young girls might see Rihanna’s relationship as one that’s ok to mimic. And clearly, it isn’t.

And then there’s the drugs and nudity. Rihanna is 24. She’s not a child and can do what she wants. But part of the demographic she appeals to can’t even legally drink. She posts frequent pictures to Instagram of her doing drugs and being naked. She even wore a totally see through dress without a bra the other night. Again yes, she is an adult. Her fans are not. I frankly don’t want to see young people taking this as a go-ahead to light up a joint or walk around nearly naked.

I completely get her “I don’t give an eff” attitude as part of her musical persona. I worry about what effect this has on her fans. I keep hearing people say how she’s influencing y’all, but no one has asked you yet. So I want you to tell me what you think! Are young girls influenced by celebrities? What about teen girls? Is Rihanna a role model?

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  • Nique

    is everybody in the world a hater now??????? Seriously this is getting outta control, everywhere I look on the internet somebodies hatin… Honestly WHO CARES WHAT RIHANNA IS DOIN????? shes a singer, as long as her singing is good, thats all anyone should care about. Its NO ONES PLACE to judge anyone, “young girls” and other females listening to her, they all should have a positive role model in their life AT HOME, who teaches them that everyone in the world is HUMAN, no one is to be looked up to as if they were a GOD…. and if she was illumanti she wouldnt be behaving in that manner… use the brain you were born with, this whole world is full of people judging others instead of worring about their own lives… trust me she wouldnt wanna be ur friend either… GOD forgives every sin I praise him everyday and im glad he’s nothing like you people

  • Nique

    Hi Caitlin,
    Well honestly my opinion is this… I’ll be 24 next month, and I love RiRi!!! Love her!! I’ve been a fan since day 1, at the same time I have a mother,a father and a big sis and bro. What Rihanna does with her life is her life everyone is human and no one in the world should be held as “totally perfect” because were not. We all make mistakes, and my mom says we continue to make them throughout life. With that said sure you might think that going back to Chris Brown was a horrid decision, but you weren’t the one in love with him. “WE” only know what the media portrays of Chris Brown and RiRi, and as much as we wanna feel like we “know” them, we don’t. Before the whole Chris Brown and Rihanna thing I was in a relationship that was a little crazy, the guy was a tid bit jealous but i loved him. we would get into it id hit him and it would be over, one time i hit him and i guess it was too much for him and he hit me back. long story short he apologize and we were back in love again, but im not famous so the story didnt hit the news, its life. millions of girls and guys go thru this everyday not because of Rihanna because their in love and young, you cant help who you fall in love with. Rihanna is 24, she didnt come out and say I wanna be a ROLEMODEL everyone do what i do. she is a normal 24 year old girl, im 24 and I just wanna have FUN, and im pretty normal all my friends are like me, lol… were just not famous singers who have people in our business all the time, which for Rihanna has to suck, well the private moments of your life. I think the world should just get a life, live their life to the fullest and stop worrying about stuff that doesnt concern them. Im not with that guy anymore im on to the next, but i was on to the next at my on pace not because of what someone told me, or i saw some famous person leave her man for the same reasons. My sister is 28 and she loves Rihanna too, I kno alot a girls that are of age to drink and are Rihanna fans, I know a few young girls that like RiRi too but were not followers just because RiRi does something were not gonna do it, we do it because we do it, whether RiRi was famous and here or not were being YOUNG WILD and FREE, lol… Only older people think her behavior is a big deal, people with no life or people who secretly wish they were Rihanna. I could talk about this all day, lol but im out in conclusion just leave Rihanna along and let her live and do the same. Were not promised tomorrow and i have better things to worry about then RiRi’s personal matters, as long as she’s giving those HOT tracks that I listen to in the club, are lonly days in my rrom im cool with it…. I kno this saying is chessy but YOLO, its the truth!!

  • Tia

    Do I think Rihanna is a bad influence? ABSOLUTELY! She’s definitely a good girl gone BAD! Teens/younger people are easy influenced by who they see on TV and in music videos. Personally I think thats why so many people are struggling between being their selves and being who they idolize, wanting to fit in and be “cool”. Doing drugs, explicit language, nude pics, outrageous songs about oral sex, being next to nude etc is not the message she should want to send out under any circumstances I understand she’s grown but as a woman she should want to lead a good example for ladies everywhere YOUND AND OLD. RESPECT YOURSELF! #I use to be a Rihanna fan until she just let herself and her self respect go.

    • Nique

      TIA YOUR A HATER, sorry to be the one to let you know…. Im pretty sure if there was a flash light on your life your roses would smell like s**t too

  • Amber

    People who say Rihanna has to be a role model ~for the girls~ are really unfair. You know what sets a really bad example? Beating your girlfriend. You know how many people I have heard talk about what kind of an example Chris Brown is setting for young boys? Zero.

    Not to mention, Rihanna is a victim. She was abused by her boyfriend. Does being famous absolve her of the psychology of abuse? Because you know what? This happens all the time, every day. Not because of role models. Because of the cycle of abuse. It’s a thing. Google it. Why is everyone so concerned for what kind of a role model she is being, but no one expresses concern for her as a person, for her mental or physical health. They are treating her like a symbol. She isn’t a symbol. She is a person.

    As for her fanbase, one of her most famous songs is literally just called “S&M”. Are there a lot of young girls in her fanbase? Are people being scandalized that the woman who sings songs about sex almost constantly is wearing provocative clothing? And drug use? A lot of stars do that. Why pick on Rihanna?

    Rihanna did not become a role model when she got on the radio. People started treating her like one when she got beaten. Being abused does not mean you are a role model. It means you a person who is in an awful situation. Anyone who acts differently is being unfair.

  • 101

    She is totally gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • amber


    • Nique


  • BriannaCalvin

    yes i mean like when rihanna was a new star she was a good role model but now since shes been a star longer she has been the most worst role model ever jus like brittney spears but worse i heard that she is part of the illuminati and that is soooooo horrible.

    • Nique

      She was the same person in the beginning as she is now… Its called LIVING UR LIFE, if you dont like it, dont listen to her music… let me quess ur perfect, with no flaws on life??? close to God??? and whats wrong with Brittney Spears??? I have a soft spot in my heart for famous people they go thru to same things as we do as REGULAR girls, but everybody has an opinion about them, thats SOOOO Horrible!!!