Comments Of The Week: Clothes And Makeup Edition!

Clothes and makeup — two super fun ways to express your personality and get a little creative! I’ll admit that I may not be on the cutting edge of style in either department, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying mixing and matching my wardrobe or trying out some makeup trends I read about in the magazines. I say, if you’re having fun, it’s all good.

I actually noticed a number of clothes and makeup related comments on the site this week. Whether you were talking about your personal style or general trends going on, I thought it would be cool to highlight what got you talking when it came to these two types of self-expression. Let’s take a look:


From “Dress Like 10 Of Your Favorite ’90s Stars”


From “Men Makeup Wearers Are Everywhere — Your Dude May Be Stealing Your Lip Gloss!”


From “Survey: Your Closet”


From “From 16 Celeb Fashion Trends That Are Out To Get Us”


From “Make A Chalkboard”


From The Commandments Of Leggings As Pants


From “Survey: All About Everything You Hate”


From The Commandments Of Leggings As Pants


Do you discuss makeup and clothes with your friends? Which do you prefer shopping for: makeup or clothes? Where are your favorite places to shop for makeup and clothes? Tell us in the comments!

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