Does Harry Styles Kiss Like A Snail?!

taylor swift harry styles kiss haylor

Taylor Swift says a Harry Styles kiss felt like there was a snail in her mouth! | Source: WENN

According to a certain Taylor Swift, a Harry Styles kiss feels like having a slug in your mouth. What?!

Apparently Taylor has been badmouthing Harry since they split up, saying he has no idea what he’s doing when it comes to lip locking. One of her pals said that Tay swears Hazza “kissed like a snail. Eventually Taylor found it hard not to be grossed out.” Eek!

Could it be that even though he has women throwing themselves at him, that Harry Styles needs kissing practice? I’m not sure because for as bad a kisser as T-Swizzle says that Harry was, she didn’t seem to mind making out with him all the time.

His pals insist that Taylor was too prude for him. One of Harry’s mates said that he was “telling friends Taylor was asexual and wouldn’t let him do anything. She acted really sexy at first, but once she hooked up with him, she only wanted to kiss.”

Oof. We don’t blame Taylor for moving at her own pace, but it’s hard to tell if she was reluctant to go beyond making out because she just enjoyed it so much–or if he was so terrible at that that she worried he’d be terrible at everything else beyond it, too. And if he just didn’t want to wait for her, then she was smart to kiss him goodbye. Even if it felt like a mollusk in her mouth.

Still, if anyone wants to help Harry Styles kiss properly, take a number. The line starts behind me.

Would you want to help Harry Styles kiss better? Do you think Taylor Swift is just bitter about the Haylor split or that Harry Styles really can’t kiss at all? Do you have any bad kisser stories? Tell us in the comments!

I bet the worst Harry Styles kiss is still better than the ones I got from this guy!

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  • colleen suzanne d. scofield

    i think taylor is a bitch

  • Nicole


    I think Taylor is a prude immature Girl. I think she just mad, because Harry called her out to his friends that she is Asexual. And Taylor couldn’t handle that so what did she do.
    She wrote a song (I Knew You were Trouble). A song she written for Harry Styles.
    Tell me something, if Harry really was a bad kisser. Then how come she didn’t write a song to say he was A bad kisser. Instead, I knew he was trouble do that makes sense.

    You know every since Taylor caught Harry kissing another Girl. She went totally nuts.
    I mean is not bad enough she came between her best friend Selena & Bieber business in their relationship recording to Bieber. Taylor is one of the reason of why him and Selena Broke Up. Which is why you saw her dissing Bieber during the MTV Awards last year. And no I’m Not a fan of Bieber but I can see why he dislike Taylor now.

    Taylor is a heartbreaker when it comes to Break Up Relationships. She can’t keep a man obvious. Because, she is a prude. She doesn’t do anything to excited to fill a man knees and It’s not all about sexual affects either.

    Harry “says Taylor is not only Asexual, But, she doesn’t do anything for fun with him like go out do adventures with him. That all she does was go to Museums and talk about antiques and Thats it. Which was borning to him and he hated it.

    She doesn’t do anything that adventure excitable to him. So thats why he did what he did to her. So Harry would probably be with Taylor if she wasn’t so dam borning. And Harry saids him and Taylor are still friends in real still. Thats funny, Because if Taylor was such a good friend then she wouldn’t said that to her friend. And she wants to know why she can’t keep a BF….LOL

    And, I don’t believe Harry is a bad kisser either. If He was a bad kisser. Then how comes Harry other Exs didn’t mention it. And why keep bad mouthing the guy, if he such a bad kisser. Because, What other celebrity girls seems to be interested in Harry.

    I mean it’s bad enough you wrote a song about this guy. But now you bad mouthing him in public media what a loser you are. Its no wonder Kanye West interrupt your MTV Awards Speech Moment about Beyonce. And normal don’t agreed with Kanya tactics. But one thing I will agreed on, Beyonce should have won that dam video award over Taylor video. I mean C’mon, put a ring on it -was a top Hit. Taylor songs wasn’t that impresses over Beyonce songs please….Who ever vote Taylor over Beyonce clearly don’t know real music talented clearly.

    Now, I not much a One Direction fan. But, I will say this Harry Styles is no Ugly Romeo. That Young Boy is Sexy And Good Looking. I mean Hell The Boy looks like the younger version of Mick Jagger Hello. And Jagger was very good looking Man, when he was younger. I’m big fan of Rolling Stone and I’m 21 yrs old. And Who ever says, Harry is not attractive Is lying to themselves other wise why brother watching his videos and comment about the guy. You either blind as bat or just jealous of this kid. Because he is cute and I have seen ugly and Harry isn’t it. Most all the boys from One Direction is good looking to tell you the truth. “Hell They better looking, Then The Jonas Brothers. The only good looking guy came from that group was Joe Jonas. Nick was ugly when he was younger but now as he got older he getting better looking I suppose.

    But, back to Harry & Taylor. I think Taylor has alot of Growing Up to do. And it’s so funny she talks so much down about Harry. But i notice that Taylor is actually older then Harry Styles. The boy like 18 or 19 years old . And she like 22 or 23 yrs old. And she got a nerve to talk down about him. I mean Really? Taylor.

    It’s good Harry just keep his cool and never bring this stupid subject Up. Unlike Taylor who seems just can’t over Harry for some reason.

    I Believe Taylor dump Harry, because he called her Asexual and borning. Which is “why she called him a bad kisser to hurt him back. Which ever doubt, he’s hurting. Consider the fact his band is now The 1 number new album hits The Billbord selling charts straight Up.

  • taylor

    I would just teach him how to be a better kisser cause u no who wouldnt want to kiss HARRY STYLES he is so HOT

  • i am so a directioner

    i dont care if he is a bad kisser so what it just makes him cuter coz you get to teach him wich means more kissing better right? people who call themselves directioners and are making fun of harry you are going to say goodbye to everyone you got that non directioners you are dead i mean it now people lets get this big and clear LEAVE HARRY STYLES ALONE!!!!!!! you got that you better have i dont like to be mean but i have to when i have to, if i did it to my teacher who is young and really strict and i did not care WATCH OUT PEOPLE!!!

  • leisa

    Taylor swift appears to be waiting for marriage. Good for her.

  • Sara

    Harry Styles is not attractive. Harry Styles looks like a child.

    • Isabel Taffe

      oh wow Ur crazy !!!!.He is so hot like off the charts sexy. maybe u have a bad taste in guys!
      in fact he is humble a great singer and he is super funny. IN fact 1D is all of the things i just described. AND BTW HE IS MY FUTURE HUSBAND SO SHUT THE FRONT DOOR.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alexa

    Taylor really needs to stop bad mouthing him, I mean even if he is a bad kisser it doesn’t shed a very good light on her by her running and telling everyone on gods green earth. Some things just need to stay private.

  • Cianelle

    I’m willing to go behind you! It’s Harry Styles! She doesn’t have to be picky unless you’re Taylor Swift

  • sierra

    harry is the bomb i want him and i bet he dosn’t kiss like a snail that Taylor bit ch

    • Isabel Taffe

      I TOTES agree he is amazing and to prove it in the latest J fourteen magazine he was voted hottest boy. soo any girl that bad mouths him is a total bitch. or is gay

  • Mari

    Why do girls like this boy??? Whyyyyyy?

  • Megan

    It just sounds like Taylor was bashing an ex to me. I don’t know who broke up with whom, but that’s what it sounds like to me. Of course, I can’t personally say whether or not Harry is a bad kisser, but even if she thinks that it is true, she shouldn’t have said that publicly. That was immaturity on her part.