Blondes & Brunettes–Does Your Hair Color Really Determine Your Destiny?

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It’s dumb to pit a blondes brunettes contest–your hair color has no impact on your future! | Source: ShutterStock

For whatever reason, pretty much since the dawn of time, people have pit a blondes-brunettes war. Blondes were said to have more fun but be dumb, brunettes were smarter but uptight, and redheads and raven-haired girls apparently just stare on the sidelines being fiery and exotic, respectively.

Is it dumb? Yes. And now there’s a legit study on the blondes brunettes battle, which is is also dumb, because, well, why are we wasting research funding on this? But in any case, they found that blondes do, in fact, have more fun–to the point of their careers suffering for it. As for brunettes? We’re said to be a bit more baller than our fair-haired, fun loving counterparts, because we do better at our jobs and are perceived as leaders.

Again? Dumb. Seriously, look at Hillary Clinton for proof.

A study done by a “facial mapping expert” (dude, seriously?) to determine which facial features are the most likely to succeed at work says that women with straight, dark hair–think Kardashian-esque brunettes–are most likely to do well in their careers. (So all you curly-haired brunettes, if you buy into this crap, go get a flat iron.)

Here’s why this is so stupid, aside from the fact that it’s just reinforcing really dopey stereotypes: What happens if you dye your hair? Or go bald? Or get a fierce purple weave? I’m a natural brunette, but I wore a blonde wig on Halloween once. I didn’t get fired after that, and I had as much fun as I usually do when there’s lots of free candy around. (That sounded creepier than it should have. I promise, there were no vans around.) Rihanna and Katy Perry have been mega successful with every imaginable hair color on the planet, from blacks, blondes and brunettes to blues, pinks and neon reds.

The only thing that determines how much fun you have is your attitude. The things that determine your success are your smarts, your drive and, if we’re being perfectly honest here, often your connections. Maybe brunettes just know more people in high places.

Seriously though, a study on the blondes brunettes comparison is really pointless. It’s so dumb that only a stereotypical blonde could have come up with it.

Do you think there’s a difference in personalities between blondes and brunettes? Why do you think the media often tries to pit a blondes brunettes war? Tell us in the comments!

To heck with the blondes brunettes war–is your own natural hair color trying to kill you?!

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  • Dancer

    It’s a self-perpetuating stereotype. Because of what we think about about blondes, blondes are often more confident. Because of what we think of brunettes they try harder.

    The more we ignore this stuff, the more we will be ourselves and learn to be comfortable in our own skin (and do what we want with our hair.)

    -From a brunette who currently has bleach-blonde hair.

  • bakerychaz

    The poor old redheads, never mentioned!

  • Clarifying

    Since the study was referring to brunettes in general, I don’t think that pointing out a few successful blondes is a sound way to refute it. The point is that if you’re the type of person who’s going to dye her hair blonde, you’re probably also the type of person who relies more on her looks to snag a husband (this doesn’t apply to everyone, obviously, but in general if you’re dying your hair, there’s a reason for it). Plus, people tend to perceive blondes as being more superficial and less competent than brunettes, so there may be unconscious bias that leads them to be promoted less frequently.

  • Emma

    I’m naturally blonde, and I really wouldn’t agree with this study.

  • Emily

    And what about non-white people? Were they even included in this “study”?

    • Jennifer

      Agreed. Many of these studies don’t seem to take into account those of different races who may not be naturally brunette or blond.

    • Alicia

      I know right? People always seem to forget about us!

  • Indigosky3

    I think that blondes do have more fun, are funny and are “less clever” than brunettes!
    I am a blonde myself but im not trying to be vain!