GIF My Life: A Totally Awkward Ski Story

There’s a lot of things GIF girl loves about the winter — cute mittens, the falling snow, drinking hot chocolate! In fact, one of her favorite winter pastimes is going skiing and spending the whole day in the great wintery outdoors.

However, that’s not to say what her skiing trips aren’t usually filled with some awkwardness along the way. Need proof? Check out her ski story and come along for the blizzard-y ride.

My dad, brother and I arrive at the mountain, and I’m pretty excited.

However, they’ve decided to pair off leaving me to ride the lift with a random person. Of course.

Not only is the ride up super awkward and quiet, but it’s also freezing.

Then the lift stops.

I. Hate. Heights. I feel compelled to express to the stranger next to me, and for the first time, he speaks.

Oh wow, he is good looking. However, he doesn’t seem impressed off the bat my crazy mish-mash of winter gear… or my continued whimpering about the height situation.

The lift eventually starts moving again and he asks what trail I am going down. I am an okay, but not great skier, but I want to sound impressive and ready for anything.

When we get off the lift, he asks what I think about heading down the Black Diamond (aka impossible for me) trail at the top with him.

As much as I want to hang out with him, this is really what I am thinking of doing.

“It’s okay, self. Deep breath. You just need to get to the bottom.”

I start going down and it’s okay for about five seconds. But then there’s a whole bunch of trees in my path.

Luckily, I miss a tree, but I still end up in a giant snowbank. My ski is missing and chair lift guy has taken off down the trail. Okay, maybe this was a bad idea.

I’m way too scared to make my way down again. I take off my other skis and just start walking all the way down. It’s pretty humiliating.

It takes me quite a while but I reach the bottom and see my dad and brother laughing it up as I drag my skis toward them.

As soon as I sit down, they hand me a now cold hot chocolate and say they’re ditching me to go hit the slopes again.

And that was just the first run… Sigh, I think I may just wait a while before taking that second run…


Have you ever gone skiing? Do you have any funny ski stories to share? Tell us in the comments. 

GIF My Life: Desperately Wishing And Hoping For A Snow Day

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  • Ali

    i dont have a story about me but i went skiing with my neighbor last weekend she dosent know how to ski i just pushed down a hill to make her learn she learned quickly after that 😀