15 Things You Should Always Have In Your Handbag

I think I have more stuff in mine. Source: Shutterstock

I think I have more stuff in mine. Source: Shutterstock

I’m a bag lady. Like in the sense that I’m Hermione and I did an undetectable extension charm on my purse. I have everything. My parents raised me under the motto “Be prepared.” I take this literally and shove everything I can into my purse because I never want to be without something.

I don’t care if my bag is really heavy and has weighed down one side of my body to the point my shoulders are a little off-balance. I’m the go-to friend if anyone needs something because I probably have it in my handbag. Maybe it’s excessive, but I call it good planning.

Aside from having your wallet and keys, I’ve picked out some absolute essentials for your purse/backpack/messenger bag/whatever you use to transport stuff.

What are your handbag must-haves? Anything unusual in yours? Tell me in the comments!

Barbie gave us some cute handbag inspiration!

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  1. avatar Samantha says:

    Cool. I keep the same thing in my purse

  2. avatar zeyan says:

    thanx! yup all that plus a bottled water and some tissues or handkerchief

  3. avatar crystin says:

    another thing you should keep in your whatever is a little bottle(travel size) of tums for inconjudstion

  4. avatar maria2 says:

    i also carry a whistle + a pockeknife

    • avatar Tania says:

      my dad made me promise to him to bring defense gas ( I don’t know what it’s called in English ) since the first day my college day

  5. avatar Oonagh says:

    The one about carrying some candy is good because it’ll prevent you buying stuff when you’re hungry which can save money. I’d also recommend bottled water if you’re carrying medication with you if you’re like me and can’t swallow pills without some water :)

  6. avatar MatildaLove says:

    I have the hand sanitizer, sunglasses, pens, gum, and headphones, however I take the band aids a step further: I have a mini first aid kit. I made it using small snack container and it has tweezers, gauze pads, band aids, and spray disinfectant. It has come in handy a number of times, not just for myself but for friends too!

    I also carry a schedule/planner, so I can always check my availability and write down plans with my friends before I forget them. Also, chapstick!

  7. avatar bakerychaz says:

    I’ll definitely clean out my handbag of the useless junk I have and replace it with these awesome, necessary things!

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