6 Ways To Deal With Unwanted Attention

Go away, bro! Source: Shutterstock

Go away, bro! Source: Shutterstock

I’m someone who likes attention. I mean, I probably wouldn’t write in such a public forum if I didn’t. I’m not one of those girls though who has to be the center of attention at every party or event, but I think I just really enjoy human interaction so attention doesn’t bother me.

That being said, there are times when attention is unwanted and you need to get rid of it. This happens on various occasions like when I’m at the gym or in the grocery store buying tampons. There are times when you don’t want to be bothered by a guy, especially if you’re not into him. It’s hard to get the point across without hurting his feelings, but there are some ways to get rid of unwanted attention.

The Fake Boyfriend

Hello Giggles has a funny story about this and if it’s okay. Of course it’s okay! I pull the fake boyfriend all the time. I even have a few fake boyfriend personas to use in case a guy that’s hitting on me won’t leave me alone.

The My Mom/Dad/Sister/Brother/Grandparent/Extraneous Relative Is Calling

If someone’s texting you and won’t leave you alone, you can easily text the “[Insert relative here] is calling, can’t talk!” This is more of a temporary fix because they might text you later, but you can buy a good chunk of time. If you’re dealing with someone in person, you can text a friend to call you and you’re saved.

The Doctor’s Appointment

This works great for in-person interactions and over text. I pulled this once on a guy in a bookstore who was trying to get my number so I looked at my watch and said, “Ah I have to go I have a doctor’s appointment in 15 minutes, and I’m going to be late!” I scampered off and never saw him again. This also works while texting because you can’t text while you’re at the doctor really and no one expects to hear from you for a few hours.

The I’m Sick

If a guy’s texting you to hang out and you don’t want to, a simple “I’m really not feeling well so I’m gonna pass.” You run the risk of having him offer to come over and take care of you, but if you stop responding you could have easily fallen into a Nyquil nap as far as he knows.

The I Have To Wake Up Early

Whether a guy asks you in person or over text, the “I have to get up super early” card is a great way out. You could have to meet someone for breakfast, study for a test, go to a yoga class, whatever. You don’t need to explain why.

The Honest Truth

These are all gimmicky ways to get rid of a guy’s attention, and it can be unfair sometimes. I generally only pull these when it comes to guys I don’t know. But I’ve had a few guy friends that I was close with try to ask me out, and it’s not fair to lie to them. Plus they’d find out the truth whereas a stranger most likely will not.

I’ve done the “I’m sorry I really think we should just be friends,” the “I don’t see you that way,” the “I have feelings for someone else,” the “I’m really not over my ex,” etcetera. Sometimes you have to just bite the bullet and say you’re just not that into them. It’s the best way to go because you’re not lying and it truly does get rid of the unwanted attention in most cases.

How do you deal with unwanted attention from guys? Have you used any of these excuses? Tell me in the comments!

I wonder what Clarissa would do in this situation.

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