Seriously, Who Cares What Your Orgasm Face Looks Like?

orgasm face

Your orgasm face may look like this. It may look completely different. Who. The. Eff. CARES? | Source: ShutterStock

It’s already been established that sometimes sex is kind of gross, but now do we really want you to worry about what your orgasm face is supposed to look like, too?

A new study says that guys’ eyes focus on our faces, not our bodies, in bed, because that’s the easiest way for them to tell if you’re having an orgasm. Fine. But now some people are complaining about what an individual’s orgasm face is supposed to look like, and that doesn’t make too much sense to us.

Apparently if you look too content or calm while you’re having an O, it’s an unsatisfactory orgasm face. But if you contort yourself too much and turn red or look like you’re in pain, that’s not a good orgasm face either. These people are all missing the point.

Some experts in the study, right after saying how hideous a “real” orgasm face is (and that they’d be offended if someone looked too pretty during an orgasm), went on to encourage everyone to keep their eyes open and locked with their partners’ during sex. How exactly are we supposed to do that with a straight face or without a complex now that you’ve told us we either look gross or fake, depending on how we emote on our orgasm face?

This is all aside from the fact that sex is more about feeling than seeing, anyway. Have you ever had an earth shattering orgasm and then be like, “Hey, I looked awesome just now?” No?

Obviously, no one is going to have a Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie orgasm face from the movies. (Chances are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie don’t even really have Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie orgasm faces. That’s why they’re paid so much money to pretend that they do.) But dude, if it makes you feel better to look and feel cute while you’re getting off, do it. If it makes you feel better to let it all out, do it. It’s really hard to enjoy an orgasm when you’re too busy freaking out over what your orgasm face is supposed to look like. And chances are if your normal face is as gorgeous as we bet it is, your orgasm face looks fine.

Have you ever freaked out over your orgasm face? Have you ever been turned off by a guy’s orgasm face? Tell us in the comments!

Can he tell you’re faking an orgasm?

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  • Gabby baby

    hehehehe this is so “O” face.

    I was sexually active very early on and my bf would pick me up from my friends place and drive me to his place. This was going back at least 3 years ago. For a long while i didnt understand why he always wanted to make me orgasm and he would do that repeatedly. He would say that it made him horny seeing me orgasm. I was totally naive and so young then. I will be 16 in a few months, but this article explains everything. LOL.
    We would be at it for hours. Like he would “play” with me and finger me and eat me out and use toys and make me cum over and over again and again. He used to say ” I want to watch you”
    I didnt realise what exactly he was watching. LOL. But what he liked a lot was when I had those real huge continuous orgasms which made my back arch and would make my hips move up and down reflexly. I know I used to get all warm and flushed.

    One day as we were doing it, I was riding him but had my face turned towards his feet. There was this huge mirror and I could see my self. I was so embarrased and now I could see how my face looked when having an orgasm. I would get all blotchy and its just all those facial responses and expressions that was so attractive to him and made him feel horny.

    I didnt think my body was the best because I had literally just hit puberty. But even with my tiny tiny boobs, he used to love seeing me naked. He used to make me masturbate and liked to lick me out while I masturbated. He liked my hair up and off my neck and he said that he liked that look while I was having an orgasm because it exposed my neck. He said he liked to see me “screw up my face and bite my lips” as he went in and out of me.

    I think its the whole look that not many of us are aware of. I think this happenes without thinking. It is the response that happens so naturally and is something that guys want to see.

    • rubina

      hahahah its so true, when you first start having sex you are so unaware how your face looks and what your face looks like when you respond to having an orgasm. LOL.. Guys like that look and they make you cum again and again because they now that is such a spontaneous response and that we are not putting it on and that it is just happening because we are enjoying feeling being horny and the oral sex and all those awesome feelings and sensations..hehehe.. what you say is so true!!
      My bf used to say my face looked really cute and I thought he was just talking about my looks.. now I realise it was about my “O” face…LOL

  • Tayylove96

    If Im having an orgasm, Im focusing on that mindblowing sensation going on in my lady parts! Not on what I look like. Guys are happy enough to see that they have given you one, they don’t care what it looks like. Orgasms are too good to stress over. Enjoy it !

    • Dottie

      I totally agree