The 9 Dos And Don’ts Of Getting Revenge

The news is out there now that “Jelena” is no more, and this weekend our girl took to the stage for a UNICEF benefit concert. Apparently, she picked a couple intriguing songs to sing for the crowd – “Cry Me A River” and “I Knew You Were Trouble.” Hmmm.

While it’s not like she announced that she was directing these songs at Justin by name, it did feel a little bit like a vengeful dig in the wake of their break-up. When we’re upset, many of us want revenge to make our ex really feel like they’re missing out now. It’s a natural feeling. The only issue is that revenge can cause a whole lot of problems for you.

When you hear the word “revenge,” it can make you immediately think of mean things, but it doesn’t have to be like that. Honestly, making your ex realize how amazing you still are without him around is really the best type of revenge, and you can definitely do it without it being a total mean-fest. Here’s a few dos and don’ts on getting this kind of revenge:

Have you ever tried to take revenge on an ex? What happened? Do you agree that being happy is really the best kind of revenge? Tell us in the comments!


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  • John Winters

    These are cute pranks, but if you really need to get revenge, come see us at Need to get back at an ex or steal your man back? come see us, we do it every day!

  • Skyler

    Online I read how to make itching powder.
    take a rose and put it in a dry area so it will dry out faster.
    *please put gloves on at this point or you will most likely need the urge to itch*
    when the rose dies, there is a green, round, fruit like thing in the rose,
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    Take a knife and cut the green particle into two halves. It’s the middle there is a cotton material.
    Then with a toothpick, remove the cotton particle from both halves, put it into a small cup.
    Put the cup filled with the cotton stuff NEXT to boiling water. This will cause it to expand, but do NOT let it touch the water.
    Do not put it in the microwave or it won’t work.
    After it becomes fluffy (10-15 minutes next to the boiling water) place the cup with cotton stuff under the sun.
    After about an hour under the sun, the cotton should become a powder material. Then you can use it.
    For an ex put the powder on something they use everyday like a cell phone, notebook, shoes, etc.
    With a girl enemy, put it on a handle of a mirror, their locker handle, pencil, notebook, make up bag, make up, cell phone. Stuff like that.
    I hope this works!

  • lisa

    Revenge only works if you dont want to be friends with the person

  • mGutierrez333

    I did spread rumors which I know nows bad but I got over him and I’m happy and I can tell he regrets not getting to know me but I regret not getting to know him either

  • MissusH

    Well I had a boyfriend who liked listening to what most guys despise and that is one direction, Taylor swift .. Etc. So one day he ended up ignoring me and I found out he was also dating another girl which at the time I was pretty heart broken! Like I was head over heels for this guy but things quickly turned. I then did something really horrible and naturally as a human I wanted him to hurt as much as I did. So I made a fake fb account as a guy and began saying I loved him on Facebook and telling all his friends that they were secretly dating and to stay away. So people then got the hint that he was gay and the worst part for the poor guy is that he went to an all boys school! This actually resulted him I’m being bullied and I regret it very much afterwards… I suppose in the heat of the moment peoe don’t realize the damage they cause. I guess after I figured we were equally heart broken I was able to move on quite fast. I definitely wouldn’t do anything like that now. Also my best friend is gay and I absolutely love gay people but I guess him being accused of it was a bad look for someone who went to school with only boys! I do not encourage what I did!

  • Anon

    Slept with his roommate on purpose. He found us. It was perfect.

  • crystal

    When I saw this article, I thought it’d be a cute/funny article about revenge (pranks, jokes, etc.) but as thoughtful as it may be, it’s not actually cute or funny. It’s not even about revenge. It’s just… “Learn to love yourself and move on.” Standard generic advice after a breakup. Boring.