Facebook Is Impersonating You

Wait...what?! Source: Shutterstock

Wait…what?! Source: Shutterstock

It seems like Facebook is getting creepier and creepier. Now, it’s basically Catfishing us. I also hate that Catfishing is a verb now. UGH. Anyway, Facebook is now impersonating you by posting links that you liked to your friend’s timelines on behalf of you. But you never actually liked these links. They just are posting them based on things you’ve liked before.

Let me try to explain. So say you like Gurl’s Facebook page (which you totally should!!) Facebook will then take that as permission to post to your friends’ timelines that you like Gurl. Then they’ll post a “Related link” with a kinda sorta (except not really at all) related topic. People are noticing that they’re actually posting inappropriate links. So you liking Gurl all of a sudden turns into you liking “2 Girls 1 Cup.”

Oh but it gets better! In addition to Facebook impersonating you without your consent, you also have no idea it’s happening. These posts don’t show up on your timeline so you have no clue it’s happening until someone asks you why you liked some crazy link. And there’s no record of it on your end so you can’t delete it. Because you didn’t post it.

This is how I feel about it. Source: Wible Bible

This is how I feel about it. Source: Wible Bible

Um, what the what Mark Zuckerberg? I think we’ve put up with ridiculous changes to Facebook for too long. This is crossing a serious line. Having a Facebook does not mean that Facebook can manipulate my profile to post things that I didn’t even like in the first place! This can be really harmful to both your online and offline presence.

Craig Condon, the developer who discovered this snazzy new feature, said “The only way to prevent re-posted content is to unlike everything.” And naturally, there’s no word from FB yet.

Have any of your friends been spotting unusual likes on your behalf? How do you feel about what Facebook is doing? Tell me in the comments!

Facebook is also hiding a bunch of messages from you!

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  • Human Person

    Or you could, you know, GTFO facebook and do something productive. If you don’t do a damn thing about it and keep using the service, are they going to take complaints seriously? They know no matter what they do, people will keep using it.

  • serena

    ok so this happened to me 3 times ok so 2 people one wa smy friend and the second one was someone i didnt even know they both said this:Why did u share this about me and where did you find the video? here http://apps.facebook.com/251007368366499?vmtri_awkward .and i have no idea on what they are talking about and then 1 day after that happened i checked my messages on facebook and it said that i said the same thing to 1 friend on facebook.I really need help!