Condom Sex Doesn’t Feel So Bad After All. Also, The Ocean Is Damp.

condom sex

It’s a fact: Condom sex actually feels good. If he complains, ask him how no sex feels in comparison! | Source: ShutterStock

In news that will surprise exactly zero of you, new studies prove that condom sex doesn’t feel any worse than regular sex. Um, duh.

In a new survey, people rated condom sex as “highly arousing and pleasurable“–which was the exact same score given to raw doggin’ it. In the study, 28 percent of male volunteers and 22 percent of female volunteers, all between 18 and 59 years old, said the most recent sexual activity they’d had was condom sex. And they all dug it. Those numbers are actually up from a few years ago, too, which makes us pretty happy–especially considering the age group most likely to have condom sex is the younger bracket. Smart!

The study showed that condom sex had no effect on a dude maintaining his erection or on either partner having an orgasm or getting aroused. This may be in part because a lot of times, safe sex feels better because you’re not busy worrying about the consequences of it as much. That’s why condom sex feels rad in particular–you can relax and enjoy it, not freak about what’s going to happen next.

It’s pretty important to remember that condom sex is the safest kind in terms of preventing STDs. Birth control will stop you from getting pregnant, but it won’t prevent infections or diseases like HIV. And if you’re busy worrying about whether or not the dude you’re with is going to maybe give you syphilis, chances are you’re going to have a tough time staying turned on.

So next time a guy is like, “Oh, but condom sex doesn’t feel good” or the ever popular, “But I can’t feel anything without a condom,” tell him he’s absolutely right. He can’t feel anything without a condom, because guess what? He won’t be having sex at all unless he wears one. And if he can’t get off with a condom, he can get off of you.

Plus, condom sex is Harry Styles’ preferred style, so you can always threaten to upgrade.

Do you think condom sex is better or worse than regular sex? Has a guy ever given you a hard time about condom sex over unprotected sex? Tell us in the comments!

All about condom sex–and how to tell him you want to have it!

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  • Mel

    Another protection against STI’s is not having sex with people you don’t know.
    Just a thought.

    Anyway, studies like this can hardly prove anything, because everyone is into something different. Personally I think that without a condom is more intimate – but, because it’s not safe, should oly be done under certian circumstances.

    • Sophia

      STD’s watch your spelling

      • kristin

        Sti is sexually transmitted infection. Its not wrong.

  • Popadom101

    You implied how the study is giving common knowledge in the title, yet you praise it in your article…That doesn’t make sense, does it?