What Would Clarissa Do?

She was just the best! Source: Fanpop

She was just the best! Source: Fanpop

I saw this post about What Would Kelly Kapowski Do? over at TresSugar today, and it got me all nostalgic about my childhood idols. Clarissa Darling taught me basically everything I know on Clarissa Explains It All.

She really did explain it all from how to deal with annoying siblings like Ferguson, overbearing parents, and friends like Sam who just up and climbed a ladder through the window. Let’s be real though, none of us would mind if Sam came through our window.

And she obviously had the greatest ’90s fashion from serious bangs to fanny packs. She proved you can never go wrong with neon. I like to emulate her love of plaid on the weekends.

Clarissa had an answer for everything! She’s still explaining it all. What would Clarissa do?

When your friends tease you

When your sibling shows up at the wrong time

When you get home from school

When you agree with something

When someone says something stupid

When your friend is being weird

When your parents make you do something

When you see your crush

When you get a bad present

What is the best lesson Clarissa taught you? What character would you like to see next? Tell me in the comments!

What would Clarissa do with an awkward kiss?

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