7 Funny Women On Twitter That You Should Follow

Well, it’s happened. Justin Bieber has ousted Lady Gaga for the title of “Most Followed” on Twitter. As of when I just checked right now, Bieber has just a bit under 33.4 million followers. Just… wow. That’s so many people.

My Twitter feed is kind of sad because I feel like I can never think of anything interesting or witty or exciting to say. However, I love when other people are super funny, and Twitter is the perfect way to bring all the hilarious people in the world into one place – especially when that place is my news feed that I can access on my couch.

So while we’re happy for Bieber, I wanted to highlight seven women who I think are super funny and deserve to have way more Twitter followers than they already do. I’ve included a sample of their work so you can decide for yourself if they are perhaps worthy of overtaking Bieber in a future Twitter showdown.

Mindy Kaling: @mindykaling

Not to play favorites, but... oh forget it - Mindy might just be my favorite person to follow on Twitter. I can't get enough of her.

Source: Twitter

Carly Chaikin: @carlychaikin

It also makes it even better that I imagine all of Carly's tweets are read in the voice of her character Dalia on Suburgatory (please more people watch that show).

Source: Twitter

Molly Tarlov: @mollytarlov

Any Awkward fans out there? Molly is one of my fave Twitter feeds. And yes, I would wear a shirt she designed.

Source: Twitter

Gillian Jacobs: @GillianJacobs

I love the show Community, and Britta (played by Gillian) is my favorite character. Gillian's tweets just always seem to match my own thoughts - yes, I too dream of random movie roles!

Source: Twitter

Rebel Wilson: @RebelWilson

We love Rebel Wilson (here's proof), and now I want you to love her on Twitter too.

Source: Twitter

Olivia Wilde: @oliviawilde

I kind of used to only think of Olivia Wilde as this very glam movie star, but her Twitter feed is so funny and down to earth, I now think of her as a dream BFF.

Source: Twitter

Anna Kendrick: @AnnaKendrick47

Speaking of Anna Kendrick... okay, so we've already stated our love of her Twitter, but seriously, it's that awesome.

Source: Twitter

Are you one of Justin Bieber’s Twitter followers? Do you follow any of these funny ladies? Who are your favorite people to follow on Twitter? Tell us in the comments!


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  • melissaB

    As soon as I saw the title I knew Anna and Rebel would be in the list. way to be original guys