The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Working Out

I would describe myself as pretty sporty. I love getting out on the field, running around and trying to win. Now, what I am terrible at is motivating myself to work out when there’s no winner involved. Unless someone is planning on giving me a trophy after I step off the treadmill, just the idea of working out is enough to leave me exhausted.

So what’s a lazy girl like me to do? Well, with some clever strategizing, I’ve been able to figure out a few simple things you can count as part of your workout routine (well, at least according to me), as well as a few creative ideas to make working out as simple as possible.

Do you ever have difficulty finding the motivation to work out? What are your favorite things to do for exercise? Tell me in the comments!

Take A Cue From Sporty Spice And Boost Your Self-Esteem!

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