An Epic ’90s Concert Is Happening This Summer… But I Want More Bands To Join!


I still love rocking out to ’90s jams. Source: Shutterstock

Uhhh… move over JT and Destiny’s child – you’re not the only ’90s music news taking the Internet by storm. It’s now been announced that this summer, you can be mesmerized as New Kids on the Block, Boyz II Men AND 98 Degrees join their boy-band powers together for “The Package Tour.” I think it’s appropriate to want to sing a mash-up of so many songs right now.

We already got the Backstreet Boys back together with NKOTB not that long ago, so I won’t be greedy about wanting them to jump in on this concert tour. Also, as much as I would enjoy an *NSYNC reunion, I feel like with Justin apparently going back to the studio, it’s pretty unlikely.

However, I do have five musical acts that I feel like really would make a nice addition to this concert tour. Maybe even just a surprise jam set from each in a different city? Let me know what you think as I count backward down my wish list.

5. LFO: Do you remember that song “Summer Girls,” with that one line about New Kids on the Block? Sadly, LFO member Rich Cronin passed away a couple years ago, but I’d love to see the surviving members celebrate him by performing it on stage with NKOTB there.

4. Wild Orchid: I really loved their little theme song and hosting duties on the lip-syncing TV show “Great Pretenders.” Also, Fergie was in this group!

3. Aaron Carter: Okay, yes, he is not a band and maybe he was more of a millennial rather than a ’90s artist, but as Nick Carter’s lil bro, we can just consider him an extension of the Backstreet Boys and pretend. I would listen to him play variations of “Aaron’s Party” all night, because I can still do the whole rap.

2. Hanson: I loved Hanson, and I still to this day listen to their songs. I’m not just talking about “MMMBop,” but honestly everything they’ve ever made because they are legit good musicians. However, just like in third grade, I have still not settled on a favorite brother.

1. B*Witched: I LOVE B*Witched so much. Since I was an Irish dancer during B*Witched’s popular phase, everyone always wanted me to do jigs during the instrumental part of “C’est La Vie.” I found my CD a while back, and I am proud to say I still love songs like “To You I Belong” and “Blame It On The Weatherman” and “Rollercoaster.” I definitely was into the Spice Girls like everyone else, but B*Witched will always reign supreme in my heart for most awesome girl band status.

How do you feel about this concert line-up? Will you be buying tickets? What other ’90s acts do you wish would join in on the fun? Tell us in the comments.


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  • starryphoenix

    Hanson still tours regularly and the continue to record albums. They played here last summer.

    • starryphoenix

      I also may be one of the few gurl users who remembers Boyz 2 Men because I’m ancient ha