5 Ways to Know if It’s “Like” or “Love”

Taylor Swift likes to open up about her feelings through her songs. We all know how hard it can be to tell the difference between being in love with a dude versus just being in like, and so it got us thinking, how do you know if you’re in “like” or “love” with a guy?

Here are 5 tips to figure out how you really feel.

It’s “like” if every time you get into a fight, you break up.
It’s “love” if arguments are discussions and solved through compromising.

It’s “like” if you’re still worried about him seeing you without makeup.
It’s “love” if you know he thinks you’re beautiful with or without makeup.

It’s “like” if he’s too busy for you most of the time.
It’s “love” if he balances school work, friends and family obligations to spend time with you.

It’s “like” if you’re still pretending to love all his friends.
It’s “love” if you’re comfortable enough to admit to him that one of his friends is an absolute jerk.

It’s “like” if he gets shady when you mention meeting his family.
It’s “love” if he tells his mom about you and invites you to family dinners on Sundays.

Are you “in like” or “in love” with your BF? Let us know in the comments.

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