How To Dress Like Barbie

Just like a lot of girls, I was obsessed with my Barbie dolls when I was little. I created these awesome little worlds for them that involved tons of hot guys (who all looked like Ken), some seriously amazing jobs and enough clothes to last me a lifetime. I sort of wanted to be like Barbie, but it was really more about wanting to steal her super fun wardrobe. So many tiny clothes! I wanted them to be life-sized.

Looking back on Barbie’s outfits, I can see that some of them are sort of… tacky. And weird. So I decided to make them into something really cute that anyone can wear. Here are 10 adorable outfits based on some seriously stylish Barbie dolls. These definitely don’t look like Halloween costumes, and I doubt anyone will ever know you’re channeling your inner Barbie. Take a look and learn how to dress like Barbie:























Which of these outfits was your favorite? Are you going to try any of them? Which Barbie did I miss? Tell me in the comments!


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  • Popadom101

    Coolio! Maybe you could do Pxar characters next, seeing as you’ve already done Disney?