School Tells Girl To Get A Breast Reduction

Don't frame boobs as the culprit in bullying! Source: Shutterstock

Don’t frame boobs as the culprit in bullying! Source: Shutterstock

Sometimes things pop in the news that just make me a little crazy, and this is one of them. A 13-year-old girl Gabrielle Jackson from St. Louis has been sexually harassed and bullied at school. Why? Because she has large breasts.

Her mom, Tammie, called the school district to discuss what can be done about the situation, and the woman she spoke told her, “they could transfer my daughter and said her boobs were so large she will always get teased. And the only suggestion she had for me is to have my daughter get a breast reduction.

I’m sorry, WHAT? Just no. This girl is getting harassed at school and nothing can be done except a dangerous surgery to reduce her breast size?! That’s the best solution you have? I can’t even.

This is how I feel. Source: Uproxx

This is how I feel. Source: Uproxx

Fox2 News went to the school district for comment and they claim the whole thing is a misunderstanding. I find it extremely hard to believe that you can misunderstand someone telling you that your child needs a breast reduction, but what do I know?

The superintendent did call and said they are working to resolve problems for Gabrielle and her little brother, who is also a victim of bullying at school. Hopefully those resolutions don’t involve any other mentions of plastic surgery.

I used to get bullied a lot for my nose. I broke it twice growing up, which left a nice bump. I was always teased, but plastic surgery was never suggested as a solution to bullying and it never should be.

What do you think about this story? Would you ever get plastic surgery to solve a bullying issue? Tell me in the comments!

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  • Juan Gonzalez

    Maybe the person making the breast reduction surgery suggestion, is in fact being helpful. Having very large breasts can cause back problems down the line. It doesn’t say in the article how big her breasts are, or if the writer of this article left anything out, but breast reduction can be beneficial.

  • Poe

    It’s sad how they offered a dangerous surgery. Those who suggested it should be fired instantly. They should stop the bullies, not to ruin te bullied one.
    It’s such a shame that all those who work at schools worldwide do nothing but they get paid big money.
    And yes I have the same problem.

  • Eleanor

    I am absolutely disgusted! My boobs started growing in 4th grade and by 6th grade I was almost a DD. The girls were jealous, half of them weren’t even in training bras yet, and the boys were scared of em. I was even “more gifted” than the teachers. No duh I got teased and bullied. My boobs were too big for the cute juniors department clothing all the other girls for to wear. I had to shop in the “old farts” department. Kids would do shit and blame me for it so I would get a paddling.

    Did anyone ever suggest I get a reduction? He’ll no! I, like this girl, was hardly in my teens and not done developing yet! And I got teased all the way till 11th grade when I guess people finally got used to it.

    It’s the kids at that school who need a talking to. Don’t shame that little girl for something God gave her.