Being Lonely Could Be Stressing You Out

We all need alone time every now and then. Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed or your friends are annoying you and you just need a few hours to yourself. Some are better at being alone than others, but there’s a difference between being alone and feeling lonely.

A new study is suggesting that loneliness can actually harm your immune system and make you super stressed. So that pain you’re feeling when you feel lonely or are longing for someone could be because you’re really hurting.

The study says “that close and connected relationships are necessary to help people thrive; without them, people are under a constant stressful cloud of missing this crucial social connection.” Ever come out of a relationship and everything seems more stressful and overwhelming? This could be why.

If you’re feeling lonely and stressed, reach out to someone you’re close with. The connection with someone you love and trust might help. Call your mom, hang out with your dog, get some kind of interaction.

Do you ever feel lonely? Is it affecting you in other ways? Are you stressed and think it could be from loneliness? Tell me in the comments!

Hugs can save your life!

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