The Cutest/Saddest Video You’ll Watch All Week

I need this kitten in my life.

I need this kitten in my life.

While I was watching this video, I was simultaneously giggling, squealing “AWWW” and almost crying. It’s that serious, girls. This video is literally the cutest/saddest thing you’ll watch all day definitely, all week most likely and possibly even all month. I’m not exaggerating!

An animal shelter called SPCA created this adorably sad but also funny video to encourage people to adopt animals from their shelter. It’s pretty old, but when I saw it on this morning, I knew I couldn’t pass it up. It combines most of my favorite things: kittens and puppies, people singing old songs, kittens and puppies, cute guys, dancing and, oh… did I mention kittens and puppies?

The insane amount of incredibly adorable animals in this video isn’t the only reason I love it: I also love the message. On a more serious note, adoption is something that everyone should consider when looking into the possibility of getting a new pet. I mean, look at these little guys. Do you really want them to be stuck in their cages forever? I don’t think so. The sad little looks on the faces of these kittens makes me want to run to the shelter and take home all of them. Except I can’t, because if I did, my mom would legitimately kick me out of the house. 

But for realz: I recently adopted a kitten from a shelter and not only did I gain an amazing pet (she’s my bestie, NBD), but I also felt really great about rescuing this little baby from what could have been a sad life.

So the moral of the story? First of all, watch this video. Right now:

SPCA Pet Adoption Video from Chester McPurrs on Vimeo.

Second of all, don’t forget about it. I know, that’s not going to be that hard if you’re an animal lover like myself.

What do you think of this video? Do you love animals? Have you ever adopted a pet? Tell me in the comments!


Cats that help clean? Yes please!

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