Reader Hookup Confession: I Got Revenge On My Ex-Boyfriend

revenge on ex

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If there’s one thing girls can always bond about, it’s an embarrassing hookup story. Trust us: we all have them. So don’t be shy! Read this OMG reader hook-up confession, and then send your own to

When I was 16-years-old, I broke up with my ex-boyfriend of nine months because he had been hardcore pressuring me to have sex for the first time. I knew he was a jerk and didn’t want to waste any more time on him… although I definitely was really bummed when we broke up.

Apparently he wasn’t, because only about one week after we ended things, he started dating a different girl! I’m going to be honest, even though I’m the one who ended things, that pissed me off. But I guess he just moved on faster than me. I started to accept that until a little while later, when I saw him and different girl together. And then another different girl. And then another one. At that point, I was jealous, furious and sick of being the one who hadn’t moved on.

So, I decided to get back at him. How? Well, by hooking up with his older brother. He was hot and I knew how mad it would make my ex. We hooked up at their house, and one day when we were in the middle of a hardcore makeout session, my ex walked in and saw us. Whoops!

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  • lisa

    hahaha i wouldhavedone that too
    he really deserved it that jerk!

  • shan

    haha wish id have thought of that, x

  • LMN

    Priceless! You go girl!!!

  • qwerty

    WOW!!! I really admire that!

  • riahbaby

    ohh dannnggggg i bet he felt like an idiot then he wished he was his brother hahah

  • Elle

    Lmao! You did the right. In my school we call them homie hoppers. He was such an asshole for doing that

  • Katie

    I love it I totally understand why you did it I had a similar experience with and ex and his older brother

  • KryptoniteAngel

    HAHA awesome! Guys who travel girl to girl so much deserve to get burned! You did awesome!

  • Rain


  • Dani

    lol thats priceless you have alot of nerve..

    as for the above comment, OBVIOUSLY him and his brother don’t have an amazing relationship or his brother would have never been making out with her so its whatever!

  • Lillie

    Cute. Possibly jeopardize his relationship with his brother – a relationship he will have FOREVER – because you are a spoiled brat who can’t get over the fact that a guy has moved on from you after YOU broke up with him. Congratulations – you’re a terrible person.

    • Izzy

      That’s incredibly harsh. We all make mistakes, but that doesn’t mean you have to act like that. You’re acting exactly how you described her — a spoiled brat. Next time, before writing or saying something offensive, think about the consequences of what you say because for all you know she read that and was really hurt. Congratulations – you’re a terrible person too.

      • Rhonda

        I agree with Lillie except for name calling. Izzy is doing to Lillie exactly what Lillie did to the girl in the story calling her horrible. Sex is to be enjoyed by both girs and guys and there is no place for name calling. Trust me, Lillie and Izzy, the brothers in the story will certainly get over this.

  • Mae

    Damn, girl. you got him good, but, whoa, with his older bro- bro… whatevs, that’s stellar, yo!!!